Tuesday, July 26, 2011


I wish to address arespected critic who is letterally besides himself over the News Corp Scandal.

1) Newscorp is a diverse company with many units ranging from National Enquirer types to more conventional outlets. The serious infraction with phone hacking a terrorism victim appears to have been done at a National Enquirer type of tabloid. In a large conglomerate unfortunate things like this do happen and the appropriate people will be dealt with by the company.

I could care less about any antics involving the royal family. As an Amaerican egalitarianism is one of my core values and royalty is something I would rather not read about. Unfortunately, older females have an odd curiousity that the media here caters to. I turn the page as Royals are a bore and the notion of any President bowing to any royal offends me. I may not like Obama but I will respect him and the office more than an inbred loser who is a relic from an earlier age.
I understand folks iin the UK see this as a symbol of the past and it is a rather quaint harmless oddity I do not grasp.

2) As bad as this scandal is lets place it in proper perspective. Media in France made a fake snuf film and accused Israel of masacaring a child. Nobody was fired and the organization that commited this fabrication did not suffer in any way. Terrorists did rationalize their subsequent crimes based upon this fiction. Had this fiction not been created they would have invented other reasons suck as a rise in the price of tabouleh or bad airline food.

The NY Times has published classified doccuments a few times with no penalty.

The Guardian organized a letter writting campaign that attempted to inflence a foreign election.
No doubt the folks in the UK would be besides themselves if a Murdoch paper acted similarly.

3) I am actually amazed at the level of obsession in the UK and Europe with media they do not watch or listen to. I actually did watch episodes of Glenn Beck after reading the hysteria at mostly foreign sites like HP. After watching the shows in question in its entirety it was painfuly obvious the Gene of HP is the planets laziest blogger and had not even bothered to watch the shows he commented on.

4) Talk radio is a source of entertainment for many and the contents are protected under our First Amendment. If you don't like the genre don't listen. However, gthere are those on the left that want to silence any voice to the right of Hugo Chavez.

The folks in the UK should wonder what is it about their society that has newspapers with topless centerfolds and lacks the freedoms to have decent talk radio. Canada actually had a few decent talk shows that were rightof center and even in leftist Vermont local talk radio leans right.

For the record I haven't listened to talk shows in a while. Lately political bs annoys me.

1Job one get people working
2 Job two return to job one.

As for the comments of Glenn Beck the timing was not appropriate but a political camp has an obvious stench. This does not excuse an act of butchery, but what type of losers send kids to a political camp. Communists, Nazis and religious theocrats seem to have a monopoly on this boorish abuse of children in the USA. A camp where kids wore penny loafers read Buckley, Sowell, Rand and listen to Glenn Beck would be a great comedy skit. The statements are correct but now is not the time and place for them.

I want to stress that only losers and nuts think of themselves as Knights. Killing kids and bonmbing civilians are crimes usually committed by leftists and religious lunatics.

I read the words at Ren. He is a sick warped loon. Commies seldom spellm out their evil as blatantly as the Capo. Remind the Capo when he screamed when I pointed out Bill Ayers, Jim Jones and Pol Pot share a philosophy. He cried about guilt by association and changes the tune when expedient.

Sorry, but Tea Party rallies are peaceful and anti war demonstrations are not. If you don't believe me as a Cop.

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