Saturday, July 30, 2011

The Norway Terrorist unhinged lefties nahhhh

I want to once again point out how ignorant and hateful our cliche leftist the Duck is. No doubt had a series of similar gaffes been made by the legendary Mr Beamish, AOW or Z Ducky would be up in arms.

1) I do not follow or read Debbie Schlessel and I have zero idea how this person became a favorite blog of mine in the mind of the Duck.

2) I bumped into Pam Geller in NYC and said hello. I also similarly am on a first name basis with almost the mail man, bus drivers, store owners and barbers. I have read that blog from time to time but then again I read Troutsky's and Capo Rens dung pile of a blog as well.

3) The Duck who is supposedly enlightened and above bigotry tosses gay slurs fairly regularly. If Dr Yeagley were gay would it change his writtings.

4) Dr. Yeagley was a friend of mine. We had a disagreement over his views on race and America.

He lists his critics as the members of the "Beakerkin Group". This group is so secret even its leader was unaware of its existence. I was quite vocal in my opposition to his views on race. Then again his Elmer Fudd antisemitic poster who cries about Jewish communists and was in fact an active member of a well known communist front group is a comedic classic.

5) Threatening a public official for merely posting on a blog. As I have commented on Capo Ren's

and Troutsky's commie sites as well gleaning politicial views by association is funny. Unlike McCartyhism where naming actual communists was done, poultry uses an imaginary version where he claims that as a former friend I must share his views. This is quite amusing from commies who share views with Jim Jones, Mao, Stalin, Ayers and the war criminal Trotsky who

cry when we draw these far more accurate comparisons. There is zero difference between Jim Jones and Capo Ren except the former got off the couch.

6) Frequent Jew/ Nazi comparisons are cliche forms of anti Jew mania the Duck is so famous for.

7) Frequent claims of my being a Kahanist. As a person with Hindu family members this is just more stupidity on the part of a rather sophomoric joooo obsessed Marxist moron.


Ducky's here said...

Hey Beah, did you catch Gay Eagle's latest?

Say hi to "Pam" for me.

beakerkin said...

I have seen Pam in passing in NYC. I am sure she has zero idea who you are
as you are just another unhinged commie.

Dr Yeagley can speak for himself and you are free to go there. You can explain to him your fascination
with his private life.

The fact that you are so obsessed with this shows you are less evolved than the rest of us.

Kiss your Comwad Ren goodbye and do not blame this one on me as I haven't been there in a while.

The Pagan Temple said...

Say hi to Pammie for me too, Beak.

beakerkin said...


I met her in NYC once or twice at a rally. AOW is a closer contact than I am.

Remember that when she formed Maverick News Network she did not invite me. I don't blog about Islam much and I am a moderate who hates commies.

There is some irony in that commies
who rant about Kahanist have an easier time forming alliances with them than an avowed Big table American Nationalist. The true foes of Communists are Libertarians and the big table nationalists.

America is my home and I am proud of this nation and its traditions. I do not find Europeans more enlightened, nor do I wish my country to be more like the EU.

The Pagan Temple said...


You're a fortunate man just for having been in her presence. I, too, met her once and we talked at length. I knew almost immediately I stood in the presence of greatness. Not one time since then have I ever seen any indication that would remotely hint that I was wrong in that assessment.

When she told me that I could call her Pammie, it was one of the high-points of my life.

She is most certainly a special person. One of a kind.

beakerkin said...


This sounds odd, but my step daughter learned the paradox. You don't seem important because you are here all the time yet my holy man, community leaders and lawyers address you as sir.

Pam is a beautiful woman, but as an
officer we see all types of professionals and ordinary folk. I have lost the ability to be in awe
of anyone.

Always On Watch said...

Actually, Pamela didn't invite me to Maverick News Network. Pastorius did.

I didn't really become acquainted with Pamela on a personal basis until 2008. In fact, I couldn't get her web site to load until early 2008, when I got DSL.

Since that time, yes, Pamela and I have become friends of a sort. I've talked to her numerous times on the phone and have had lunch with her (and Robert Spencer).

As far as Duck goes, he's gone over the edge ever since Z went on comment moderation.