Saturday, July 23, 2011

Making something out of nothing

When I heard about the bombing in Norway my first thought were anarchists were behind that one. The suspect in the shootings appears more disturbed than political. This is a random shooting spree with less sense than Columbine where the shooters attended school.

When dealing with random shootings we are dealing with deeply disturbed individuals.
This particular crime bears more than a passing resemblance to your basic school shooter loon. We had one of these shootings in Upstate NY and the media jumped to the conclusion that it was some sort of anti immigrant racist, until it was later uncovered that the killer was an immigrant himself.

The killer is alive and there will be plenty of time to question him. Unfortunately, for the far left it is highly unlikely the killer watched Fox News, listened to Glenn Beck or have heard of Pat Robertson.


Ducky's here said...

The perp belongs to a right wing organization that has been featured on the site of your favorite Kahanist freak, Pam Geller.

When do you repudiate her?

Ducky's here said...

"Anders Behring Breivak, arrested as a suspect in the attack has written glowingly of Geert Wilders, Robert Spencer, SIOE, and the EDL. Charles Johnson of LGF reports that he had a link with Fjordman who was a guest writer on Geller’s blog."

Yup Beak, he was a fan of all the right wing hate filth.

The type of human filth AOW never sees fit to watch.

Ducky's here said...

Something out of nothing. Yes sir, that's the Beak commenting on 80+ kids shot down at an outing.

Way to go Beak.

This guy was a fan of Geert Wilders who you, AOW and z regularly praise. But no big deal. 80 kids shot down at an outing by a fan of Beak's favorite online Nazis and it's "something out of nothing".

beakerkin said...

Here we go again with the ethnic slurs. If you want to find a Kahanist
you can dial up MZ. Kahanists unlike Communists are quite open about their desire to create a Torah State. An avowed secularist with Hindu family is unlikely to be a Kahanist. Nor do I recall ever hearing Pam say a word about a Torah State.

As for Gert Wilders we have not said anything on the subject for or against. You obviously have me
confused with other bloggers. My focus is taking out commies first and then dealing with Muslims. AOW
does not need me to defend her and you are free to take your slurs to her site where she can deal with you.

We have been through this before. Muslims shoot school kids in the back in Beslan and in Maalot and neither episode bothers you much.
The Holocaust Museum shooter sounded very similar to the commenters on Ren's site and the polar opposite of Mr. Beamish.The so called right wing nut who shot Giffords was in fact a huge Marx fan.

We will learn plenty about this loon in the next few weeks. An anti Muslim bigot who doesn't
target Muslims. Maybe he is looking for a job in an American University. He is clearly a more competant terorrist than Bill

Ducky's here said...

80+ kids at an outing. Dead.

Something out of nothing. Making something out of nothing.

Then when you call him out, he straw man's.

Ducky's here said...

Just in case Beak missed it, this guy also bombed the liberal party's offices in Oslo and the outing was specifically sponsored by the liberal party. In other words, only Beak seems to miss the fact that the motivation was political and this guy was a follower of a variety of anti-Muslim hate sites.

Pam Geller is already publishing denials, she knows she's in the poo. Couldn't happen to a more disgusting little hate monger.

beakerkin said...


Lets see when Israelis or Americans
are killed in the name of Social Justice these deaths are rationalized. In fact you are on record as having zero problem with leftist terrorists teaching in Universities.

This person is one of many people who has problems with the far left. Given their treason and crimes against humanity it is almost a shock that we do not see this more often. Perhaps the same lefties who rationalize similar slaughters of Jews will see a taste
of their own medicine. The left gave us all types of lectures about Ayers and Lori Berenson so it
should repeat the BS that we need to understand the grievances of many against the arrogant far left.

As for guilt by reading it appears the Giffords shooter was a big fan of Karl Marx. Following your own logic we should tar all Marxists for the work of a mental defective.

The killer will speak for himself and as usual you are jumping to conclusions.

-FJ said...

The perp belongs to a right wing organization that has been featured on the site of your favorite Kahanist freak, Pam Geller.

When do you repudiate her?

The moment the Left wing repudiates Islamicism and stops supporting Pseudostein. To do less would expose YOUR hypocrisy, duckmeister.

Always On Watch said...

The suspect in the shootings appears more disturbed than political.

I'm not so sure about that. **sigh**

beakerkin said...

If he is political that he is doomed
to be fighting windmills. I doubt the far left has any interest in stating that this person was sane as this would legitimize his beef with the status quo.

More than likely it is off to the rubber room for this criminal.