Sunday, July 17, 2011

The Post Left World

We are in a new era, The era of unholy alliances between those receiving government benefits, labor unions, big education and big media is over. The old ways depended upon
a natural growth rate and factory jobs. The old ways worked, but in a world with global trade and lower birth rates the old remedies made the problems worse.

The left conspired with every hostile foreign regime and sabotaged energy development outside nasty thug Arab regimes. Energy production jobs are jobs that support middle class families that provide revenue for social programs. However, the far left was more concerned with the opinions of freak and loser hippies than with working families.

The environmental and labor left killed jobs that went to China and South Korea. The left added more programs and more dependency and never made any real effort to contain health and education costs that crippled working families.

The Big Media clowns supported the march to the left as our economy burned. The media with the exception of Fox News cheer leaded the agenda of the far left assault
on our economy. We are used to investigative journalist aiming at corporate malfeasance, but labor corruption and the actual finances of far left groups remain a taboo subject.

In the new era we must do more with less. The new era should start off with what is the job of government. What are our priorities? What can we afford? We need to end the era of unaccountable government. The new mantra is results. What is the most cost effective way to get the desired result should be the order of government.

We need to be more business friendly and stimulate growth as job number one. Job number two is to remember job number one.

If you are out of work and money is tight thank a far leftist for the mess they have created. Its the entitlements stupid.

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