Sunday, July 24, 2011

Here we go again

The far left has an obsession with certain bloggers. As a deranged nut may have read Pam Geller's site they want to foist the blame on a blog they don't like. As 90% of terrorism is inspired by Manifestos and Korans following the logic of the Duck we should ban those books.

Lefties have no problem with political violence so long as Jews, Americans and folks who resist Marxism die. Syria and Libya just did not start butchering their people now, but the left feigned ignorance and obsessed about dem Jooooos.

Sooner or later Muslims will figure out that the far left has used them. Folks on the left have patted Muslims on the head like dogs and parroted bad Joooo to remain in power. The economic mess in Europe stems from mindless Socialist malfeasance.

This man is no doubt a criminal and a nut job. However, where are these same lefties who insist when Jews or Americans are targeted who state we must understand grievances. Now that their own get butchered they cry about the very eliminationalism they rationalize when the target is expedient.

Sorry, but Marx and the Koran are far more likely to inspire violence than the writings of Pam Geller


Thersites said...

The Manifesto

Always On Watch said...

If the Left is going to hold Pamela Geller et al responsible for Breivik's horrific deeds, then we can hold the Koran responsible for the deeds of jihadists.

beakerkin said...

The video is disturbing but it does get the ultimate evil named. Marxism
is ultimately enabling enemies of civilization. If one speaks out against Marxism and the crimes of Marx one gets marginalized.

Who says that Communists are moral authorities on anything given their actual historical record. I abhor violence that is pointless, but there is a subtle point that is missed by most.

The standard center left parties have been infiltrated by Marxists.
They have cut off and marginalized
discussion of views that are not echo chamber parroting of the party
line. In the absence of a ethical
viable alternative to the status quo Marxist echo chamber populism of the worst sort is rife.

Of course the very same people who
say that we need to understand Muslims and Commies butchering Jews, Americans and whatever are singing a different tune.

If this is your unicorn non communist or jihadist terrorist it is amazing it doesn't happen with greater frequency. You can name this clown and Baruch Goldstein because they are rare, but other than Mohammad Atta how many Muslim terrorists can you name. You probably wouldn't be able to name communist terrorists either but the Bolshevik media and university cabal keep placing them into the spot light.

The response may not be what most presume. Maybe more center right parties will discuss some of these issues in a more sane manner than bombs or guns.

Ducky's here said...

Pamela Geller actively published and supported the groups this guy admired.

She's a vulgar pig just like the EDL fanboy Lionheart that AOW linked to and promoted.

Z is a big fan of Geert Wilders, as is AOW. He is a big driver of the hate groups in Europe and a hero on the fringe right blogs like Geller's.

Then we have Beak who can't seem to grasp the issue and goes off on his usual rant about Jews probably assuming that the critique of Geller is because she's Jewih rather than because she's a bigoted piece of human filth.

beakerkin said...

Here we go again

The Duck has claimed I support these
groups and now has changed his argument.

Lets see Bill Ayers, Jim Jones and Mao are huge fans of Marx. The Duck therefore concludes that Marx is responsible for their crimes.

Usually he spins the other way. Oddly nobody mentioned Geller is Jewish other than the Duck. More Jooooo mania from Marxists...

-FJ said...

Renegade Eye actively posts Marxist revolutionary crap. When you convince him to take down HIS site, you'll have some moral credibility ducky. Until then, nobody will take any of your quacking seriously.

-FJ said...

Marxism is the world's largest organized HATE group.

Thersites said...

Last week was HATE Rupert Murdoch week. This week, it's HATE Pamela Geller week.

But CBS new-forgers like Dan Rather get a "pass" from the Left.

It ain't gonna fly, duck.

The Pagan Temple said...

All right, the guy is a Nazi. His only claim to conservatism, as in the case of all Nazis, is his belief in traditional social structures. And even in that case, the manner in which Nazis seek to promote and maintain those traditional social structures owes a hell of a lot more to the left than to the right. In every other way, Nazis are somewhat to the right of commies, but they are still the far left. Even someone like Geert Wilders here in America would probably be center right at best.

Ducky, you're being a pure grade-A ass.

Ducky's here said...

Ren does not promote violence and he is not a bigot bag of filth like Pam Geller.

Pretty easy to understand Farmer.

beakerkin said...


Ren's blog is chock full of anti Jewish paranoid conspiracy crap. Lest
we forget that you good friend Troutsky used stuff so nasty even Prof Tarzan was shaking his head.

The entire blog of Ren is dedicated to promoting revolution by any means possible. He will rationalize every historic crime of Marxists and their Islamic toady

You are not ignorant enough to think all this Revolution BS is peaceful.


You are the first to cry when I link Ren to Bill Ayers, Carlos the Jackal, Pol Pot and Jim Jones. All of the above support the same movement Ren is slavishly aligned with.

Now lefties can cry about something other than Timothy McVeigh and Baruch Goldstein. Sorry
but 90% of all terrorism is leftist or jihadist, deal with it.

Thersites said...

Ren does not promote violence and he is not a bigot bag of filth like Pam Geller.

No, Ren does NOT promote violence, for like Pamela Geller, he merely "facilitates" it. And there you have you "equivalency". Shove it in your pipe, and smoke it!

sablegsd said...

So if you actively dislike islam and want to hold the koranimals accountable for their numerous crimes, that makes you a bigot?

beakerkin said...

You have me confused with someone else. While I am against terrorism and theocracy I oppose slurs. Muslims
need to be held accountable for their
crimes. That being said if they wish to worship peacefully than we should hold back on the slurs.