Monday, July 25, 2011

And Unicorns too

The left is up and arms because the latest terrorist targeted leftists and cited immigration as a social problem. This does not compute as the left sees nothing wrong with violence when its goals are furthered. The similar shrill voices see nothing wrong with a circus clown terrorist teaching in higher ed and being good friends with Obama.

The left likes to play games with the truth. The killer is described as a Christian. I do not hear serious Christians waxing about Knighthood ala some overgrown D&D player. The left usually describes Jim Jones as a Christian except like Ducky he was a Communist and remained one until his death.

Now that the left as a new unicorn to trot out when the rest of us point out that modern terror is almost entirely a communist- Jihadist thing, perhaps they can give it a rest. Oklahoma City was well over a decade ago and we have seen scores of terrorist acts from the usual suspects,

The problem has been that the left has defined deviancy down. Patting the most unhinged violent types with a welfare check and choruses of "Bad Jooooo" has not made Europe safe. In fact alliances with these far left loons who are loathed by decent folks everywhere has probably
hurt Muslims more than they ever guessed. So far only Stephen Schwartz of the CIP has questioned the alliance with the seediest parts of the far left, but it will come to pass.

Here is a clue comwads. Farouk wants a job just like John Beercan. He really could give two craps about your social justice bs and you are little more than an embarrassment or window dressings at his political events. Sooner or later he will deduce that you are uuseless and deal with more mainstream types.

Watch out for unicorns and adjust the tin foil hats looking for another anomaly.


Ducky's here said...

Beak, too bad we'll have to wait to read what Gay Eagle has to say about this.

He's posting from a library because the genius allowed malware to be installed on his machine.

Since only Labor Party members were killed I imagine you and he will find it all pretty copacetic. After all, so long as he didn't say anything that reflected on Jews, you were one of his biggest fans.

Z said...

"Now that the left as a new unicorn to trot out.." You can make bet on that. Good way to put it, Beak.
What people need to worry about the most is how angry and outraged countrymen are about muslims carrying signs saying they're taking over the country, or that they're there illegally and living on hard-earned tax dollars of, in this case, Norwegians.
When Germany says the slightest thing about the incredible Muslim push there, they're reminded, by leftists from their country and others, of the Third Reich, AS IF.
So, their German left's laughing as good Germans give away their country for fear of looking bad if they push back..Meanwhile, I know for certain that German kids are being beaten in Metro stations, adults are being KILLED, and nobody's talking about it because it's politically incorrect.
Something has to give...
This guy's actions are HORRIFIC and we have to make sure somehow that nobody is pushed to this again. How, when we're not 'allowed' to even discuss how rightfully angry Europeans are as they see their beloved countries go to HELL?

beakerkin said...


I am a warrior and not a butcher. Unlike the left I respect the law.
Should your kind resort to violent revolution I would have no problems
dispatching my own brand of social justice.

Commies are too cowardly to rise up in the USA as they know how they have no chance.

Ducky's here said...

Oh my, the queen of the ladies who lunch reveals her bigotry.

Someone should tell that moron that assaults happen everywhere, sometimes Muslims are the aggressors, sometimes the victims.

This guy just went a little too far and could have displayed his rightful anger with the bombing. The shootings were over the top. Something like that, z?

Ducky's here said...

Interesting how defensive the Muslim haters become when they get a look at what they've helped create.

And all they have to defend themselves is a retreat to their bigotry.

The Pagan Temple said...

Hey Beak have you seen the latest over at Rens. I don't know if you ever go over there any more, but guess what? This guy in Norway was wrong to kill children, but-wait for it-LENIN WASN'T WRONG! Yeah, it was all right for Lenin to order the executions of the Czar and his family, which included three teenage kids. Here's the best part. He was right to do it for the same reason the US/Iraq was right to execute Saddam Hussein. Yeah, two teenage girls are the equivalent of Saddam. Yet I get bashed because I don't express appropriate grief or regret over the murder of leftist children.

The Pagan Temple said...

Ducky-you might as well put a sock in it. Do you realize how stupid you sound engaging in hate speech by accusing us of engaging in hate speech. And yes, you blaming everybody on the right for what this guy did, based on our "rhetoric" is hate speech. Worse, its intended to shut us up about our beliefs. Guess what, Ducky? We're not shutting up.

Always On Watch said...

Breivik was not a Christian and so stated in his hypergraphic screed (aka "manifesto").

Read the "manifesto." The further one reads in the document, the clearer it becomes that Breivik wasn't wrapped right.

The Pagan Temple said...


Who gives a crap what he was? He has to answer for his own actions, you me or anyone else has diddly-squat to do with it. Do you think Ducky gives a shit whether he was or wasn't a Christian? Fine, Ducky is a Catholic and I think that's the religion Breiik preferred so let's toss all Catholics in dungeons, including the fucking Duck.