Monday, July 18, 2011

Enough of the News Corp Bashing

The errors of a unit of News Corp were indeed grave, but unlike other transgressors Newscorp immediately fired the perpetrators. There is a mania on the far left about anything having do with the one news outlet that is not far left.

Did we see this type of uproar when the news media in France was shown to have created a murder of a Palestinian Child? The matter had to go before a judge and nobody was fired.

Did we see a march of people demanding mass terminations at CBS for the fake Bush National Guard Story. The producer and Dan Rather lost their jobs without congressional hearings and demands for cleaning house.

Were any of the journalists or academics who conspired via email to get Obama elected terminated? Not a single conspirator was terminated and the economic mess created by Obama lies literally at the feet of those who were completely incapable
of professionalism.


Speedy G said...

"The BBC, all the news we want to for the rest, we stick our fiingers in our ears and chant, 'Na-na-na-na-na-na-na-na-na...'" - A Eurotrash leftist

Ducky's here said...

Hey, Officer Strutter, Dan Rather was set-up and responsible of failing in due diligence.

Are you as numb as Farmer that you don't see the difference between that and bribery of police officers and invading privacy.

I can't wait till it gets over here and nails Roger Ailes.

beakerkin said...

Your comments show that your true
motivation lies not with the facts but with desire to silence a news outlet that provides a point of view you don't like.

Dan defiance Rather caused his own demise by his arrogant defiance. Had he expressed sincere remorse he would still be on the job. Instead he defended his producer long after the sources were proven false.

It is interesting that the Duck who
was so brazenly defending the right to violate the sacred privacy
of the DSK accuser to defend a serial socialist sex predator now pulls a Linda Blair style reversal.

News Corp, unlike the Bolshevik Times or CBS, can deal with its own
matters. This scandal is less serious than media and university
clowns conspiring to alter elections. Nobody was fired for abusing the integrity of their job to elect the unqualified moron from the faculty lounge.

-FJ said...

The duck thinks that this scandal approaches Woodward and Bernstein's revelations in the Watergate break-in... of course that the same paper (WP) published the CLASSIFIED Pentagon Paper documents tells us precesly where his "numbness" resides... above the neckline.

So much for all the "journalistic immunity" cr*p he's been spewing all these past years.

jams o donnell said...

Errors Beakerkin? Hacking the phone of a missing schoolkid then deleting messages so as to hear more messages, thereby giving the families hope that she was still alive?

Hacking the phones of families of the 7/7 atrocities?

If those are errors, what the bloody hell are crimes in your world?

When the hacking scandal first came to light in 2006 a News of the World editor and a PI were jailed but Newscorp swore blind that those were isolated incidents.

The paper's editor resigned and was rapidly hired as the press secretary to tory leader David Cameron.

Now it seems that it was rife within the paper.Interestingly it was only last week that Newscorp stopped footing the bill for the legal fees of Glenn Mulcaire, the PI imprisoned for hacking members of the Royal household.

The scandal raised a wave of utter disgust here in the UK, a wave that had nothing to do with political stance.

Oh sorry you don't see the world in those terms

please delink me from this blog