Sunday, July 31, 2011

Now that some tiime has passed

The far left cabal of media morons attempted a hit and run with the facts in the Norway massacre.
The killer was not a Christian in any meaningful sense. He did not belong to any Church and admitted this in his ramblings. When the El Al ticket counter was shot up the media claimed the assailant was Latino at first. When most of your typical terrorists behave in criminal fashion the media seldom describes them as Muslims.

The media attempted to portray the killer as being motivated by Robert Spencer, Pam Geller and Bat Yeor. Funny, but when Bill Ayers and his loser SDS and Red Army types use Marxist tracts to rationalize their crimes. The difference is the Norway Killer will pay for his crime and Ayers and Co. got away with their crimes.

I want to point out that I am not nor should I ever be described as a Conservative. In actuality I am the rare nationalist liberal who is disgusted by spineless moderates. Sorry, but traditional liberals did not need to be lectured about the evils of Marxism and anarchism. Unfortunately, after the Vietnam war the inmates left the asylum and headed to the center left parties.

As a Jew, I view Marxists in the same manner as a Black man views the KKK. We are familiar with the stereotype redneck talking about the n word in every third sentence. Marxists behave
in a similar fashion with Joooooos and with rare exception are never called out for their obsessions.

The Norway Massacre was the act of a demented unemployed loser. His mental illness and narcissism is clear upon any look at the fact. He used legitimate complaints about the left to attempt to rationalize a crime. There is no rationalization for butchery by this person or SDS idiots who belonged in mental health care facilities or electric chairs decades ago.


Ducky's here said...

The killer was not a Christian in any meaningful sense.


Officer Strutter, why not explain the non significant ways he was a Christian?

beakerkin said...

Why would I address the topic of a wonderful religion with a death cult Marxist. Sorry, but many wonderful people who go to real Churches ( not Social Justice crap) comment here regularly. Genuine Christians do not butcher children for publicity stunts. Terrorism as a brand awareness bit is the work of Marxist morons like yourself.

Ducky's here said...

So if you accept a social justice ministry you're not a "real Christian".

Did you get that from Glenn Beck or just dream it up while you were daydreaming filling out the forms?

beakerkin said...

Liberation Theology is a direct attempt by Commies to subvert Churches. You need look no further than this Pope and his predecessor.

As a Commie you are not Christian nor American. You are part of a death
cult that seeks the destruction of the USA.

If you like Europe so much renounce your citizenship and live there.

Ducky's here said...

Oh now the butt nugget Beak, an expert on Christianity moves to Liberation Theology from the social gospel.

You sir are ignorant.

beakerkin said...


As a death cultist you infect organizations and subvert them from inside. The Anglican Church was led by a good Old Marxist Clown. The more Conservative Africans revolted against a mockery of the Church. The only Black face they could find was the reliable fellow Marxist Rev Bug Eyed Tofu.

It is you who lie as natural as the rest of us breathe. The history of Communist subversion and deception continues to the present.

Ducky's here said...

The schism in the Anglican church was over homosexuality, what's that got to do with Communism you ignoramus.

beakerkin said...


The Marxist political leanings of clown Rowan Williams are well known.Homosexuality was the most prominent of the grievances of a Church hijacked by Marxists. The mostly Africans met in Jerusalem which should be blunt enough for you.

Intolerant Islam is no laughing matter to African Christians who do not need lectures from a lunatic
bombastic clown who thinks the UK needs Shariah family law.

Of course when Africans speak and reject Marxism, the Marxists tell them to shut up.

Always On Watch said...

Good point about how Ayers and his ilk are never demonized.

The demonization of Spencer and Geller continues apace. I saw several articles in several Sunday newspapers along those lines.

-FJ said...

The Nowegian "killer" is starting to look more and more like a "hero". He single handedly wiped out a Pseudostinian indoctrination/ training center

-FJ said...

Rooting out "state sponsored" supporters of terrorism in Norway and Europe could become a full time job...

beakerkin said...

This camp is what happens when lefties have a monopoly on power in all sectors of the government. I do not support violence, but it is obvious that these loons had no similar hang ups so long as Jews were being slaughtered.

The Pagan Temple said...

Thanks for the link FJ. The ironic thing about all this is it might not have ever come out if the left hadn't started slamming Pamela Geller and got her looking into the matter. The Norwegian government, ie the Labour Party, has been trying the damndest to keep it quiet. They wouldn't let Brevik speak in open court when he was being charged because they didn't want him to use it as a forum to espouse his views.

Granted it probably would have gotten out eventually, but not as quickly. One things for sure, our fucking sorry ass media here never would have let it out. They've been too busy ejaculating from the mouth with their lies about it being the result of Christian conservative fanaticism.

Still haven't opened that box of Kleenex yet.

Always On Watch said...

Pagan Temple,
The ironic thing about all this is it might not have ever come out if the left hadn't started slamming Pamela Geller and got her looking into the matter.

True enough.

The mainstream media couldn't help themselves in that they had to slam the so-called counterjihad. But, overall, those attacks have backfired, I think.