Sunday, December 22, 2013

The Tapestry of Irony

Life is very odd with its unexpected twists and turns. Those of you who have read this grasp I have survived a real nasty case of workplace bullying. Most people do not make it through as they move on or get fired . In my case I documented everything and prevailed over the psycho boss.

Those of you who read this also know my prior vocational training was in logistics. My degree is in the numbers side of business management. I will be spending more time teaching and mentoring new officers and helping experienced ones work smart not hard.

Oddly, I have been assigned as a consultant in the area where my former abuser works. I did advise top management that this is not a good idea. There is no doubt I can perform the task. However, it is tough to do so when the person you are advising has a blood vendetta against you. Top management assured me that this  has been considered. My own supervisor will be there covering my back and we are on the same page. There is a possibility this person will quit or seek a transfer rather than work with me. Of course learning from one's errors and completing the task at hand would be optimal. Serial Bullies tend to repeat their patterns and lack the human insight to grasp their errors.

Essentially, she has ruined my career. It is true that I could be promoted to a higher position, but I have lost invaluable time. Then again, I serve best as the oldest prisoner in the cell block. I teach the newbies how to get by and the old timers how to thrive. As a manager I would not be able to do this and those meetings are dreadful.

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