Thursday, December 12, 2013

New Assignment

My rehabilitation is complete. My reputation in the agency was quite bad for many years. I experienced a classic case of work place bullying. Special rules and procedures were invented for one employee only. It did not matter that the lawyers r with my work told top management that I was a superior officer.

I took the bad experiences and dedicated it to mentoring the new officers. I served as a mentor and friend to many. One of those I mentored became my boss and she rehabilitated my reputation. There are those who would be jealous that a person I mentored became my boss. In my case my career was over and I was glad she earned the promotion the right way through superior effort, integrity, and ability. I would have selected her over myself.

Over time I have got a reputation as an easy employee to manage. More enlightened management understood,  that I am a gamer. There are those people you can count on to produce and win it when the game is on the line. They know I never miss an assignment and am meticulous with preparation. I often can pick up workers who have fallen behind while knocking back my own work.

The more elite supervisors understand my nuances. They grasp I am frequently ahead of schedule. The one I mentored somehow knew how far ahead better than I did. I would say 20 minutes and she knew an hour. It is likely because she also knows I can pick it up when I need to.

My health hasn't been the best, but I never miss an assignment. When the game is on I still answer the bell and deliver. On days there are no interviews I rest a bit. I reminded some very new officers not to worry about my style. If one is prepared, experienced and above all competent then a touch of levity is to be expected. One of the things I stress is I help others when they ask, but I don't get involved in their business and I expect the same.

Having a good reputation is a huge advantage. When I explain that the job will take a touch longer to deal with because it has been reassigned the attorneys understand and don't rush me. I try to finish everything on the first day and keep everything on schedule whenever possible.

My current boss asked me what team I would like to be on. I specified that I prefer my current leader, but I have an excellent relationship with the new team leader. I got my wish and I was told that I would be going to yet another supervisor and I would be happy with my assignment.

In the old days my reputation was so bad that nobody wanted to manage me. Now I am considered a highly desired team member and several supervisors asked for me. In reality I owe my new found reputation to that new employee I mentored. I wish she stuck around to climb the chain, but like me her heart was in it for the right reasons. She wanted to work in a different branch of the service and she followed her dream.

I don't think I would be happy being kicked upstairs or to the more important areas. I am just happy in my own corner with the ordinary serving the public.



Duckys here said...

My rehabilitation is complete.

Sounds as if you've spent the last few years in a North Korean camp.

beakerkin said...

Actually, it is not too far off.
Conditions here were brutal and work place bullying is a real problem.
The laws really need to address this