Saturday, December 28, 2013

Putting Aside Petty BS for the final chapter

My friend Dr. Yeagley is going through some serious challenges in the final chapter. At this point I chose to place aside our differences and reach out to a friend in the final chapter. I am still faithful to my concept of the big table of equals Americanism. This is and remains the concept of the America I love and serve faithfully.

In the real world friends disagree about all manner of things. In truth some of the views of friends are at time repugnant. The fact that those on the far left who have ranted about racism, are exponents of a criminal faith that is quite proficient in sowing death and mindless hate when expedient.

In offering my prayers for a friend, I don't change my views. My prayers are for a good friend who is facing great adversity that we all must face sooner or later. My brushes with death were brief and could be overcome with strong legs, luck and presence. Yet even in those fleeting encounters my life was changed. After a second brush with death, I decided public service would be my calling. Making numbers on a series of never ending ledgers was not enough.

All of us need to find grace in our last days.


Always On Watch said...

When a friend or an acquaintance is facing the final scene, it is a time to dwell on common ground -- not on areas of disagreement.

Duckys here said...

I wonder how Beak feels about today's compassionate release of Lynne Stewart.

beakerkin said...

Any comparison between a misguided patriot or any normal human being and a cowardly traitorous lowlife
is misguided. Lynne Stewart should die in prison. Unlike Lab rats Communists are incapable of actual

Let Stewart die behind bars.

Duckys here said...

The real Beak outs himself.

beakerkin said...


What has Yeagley done. In the worst interpretation he has held some offensive racial views. This is a sad thing and wrong but not criminal.

Lynne Stewart is a political criminal who advocated people use violence to pursue a political agenda. I have met this dirt bag
and can tell you this is no act.

Communists who violate the laws of the USA should be jailed and in the case of Stewart executed for their crimes. Advocacy of Communism is a mental and moral defect that should render one unfit for most types of employment. We do not employ pedophiles in day care centers or employ bank robbers in banks.