Saturday, December 07, 2013

Just Missed the Duck On the Gathering Storm

I was on the line waiting to Duck hunt when an attorney arrived for a conference. I am able to listen to the show and work at the same time. In that case, I was required to get a file from the courts and prepare the case for completion. I had two of them yesterday. The other one also required a trip to a different section.
Oddly, I had the file made interview ready when I shipped it out. I did not expect to see it again.

The Duck is complaining about government snooping. This is from a person who has defended countries with block associations and press control.

So called Progressives are professional liars. Our new Communist Mayor was largely elected on promising to stop Stop and Frisk. The business community and wealthy citizens express genuine concern over his Mickey Marxist baboon ideas and he appoints a Guliani police commissioner who pioneered the idea and expanded its use in LA. In LA I was one of the people stopped for questioning. NYC police are clever enough that they don't stay at crowded intersections looking for people who made it across a busy street when the light was yellow. In this stupid exchange lets see some ID. Oh officer X what are you doing in town
don't enter the street when its blinking even if you  can make it to the other side. In my case I planned to stop at a traffic island. This is normal behavior and having police do this outside of a Federal Office is stupid.

Stopping federal employees on their lunch break going to get a shwarma sandwich is not smart. To those in LA our street vendors in NYC actually sell better food than many of your restaurants. The place in NYC across the street seels better shwarma then the resturant across the street, Non NYC types thought this was exotic fare but in NYC almost everything is available anywhere.

I went with Drummaster to visit a new record store in Williamsburg. Rough Cut is a great experience, but I think the restaurants are a better reason to visit the area than  the stores. I stopped in for world class food at the Rosarita Fish Shack. It was the best food I have had in years. Actually the food and service were the best that I have experienced in a long time.

In fairness, I find one or two places I like and stay there. In Staten Island I pretty much live at the Greek Diner. There used to be a Chinese place that I used to visit. However, when the owner sold the new owner did not build a relationship. In fact the waiter did point out that I was a frequent customer. A smarter owner understands building ties to customers. The food was not as good and had the owner made a minimal effort i might have stayed. It was just easier to relocate full time to the Greek Diner where the food is always very good and the service is outstanding. The regulars tend to sit at the counter busting jokes. The families sit at the booth. When non regulars are at the counter then we tone the jokes down. Usually, the jokes are about the employees or the regulars.


Duckys here said...

Cheer up Beak.

I'm making arrangements with AOW for a continuation next month.

I'll be happy to kick your ass then.

Duckys here said...

Williamsburg !

Check out the Brooklyn Brewery.
It's winter, they should have their black chocolate stout available.

Nectar of the gods. World class.

beakerkin said...

As the Duke said "That'll be the day". I was on the line when an emergency came in. For whatever reason I am much more apt to get what I need out of the courts than
my clerk.

Always On Watch said...

I see that we're planning an interesting show for January.

When the weather clears up here and when I've gotten over the worst of this head cold, I'll set the date.