Friday, December 20, 2013

Christmas with Beakerkin

I will be with my family for Christmas. Lets do this slowly for those not familiar. A Jewish guy is cooking a
Christmas meal for his Guyanese Hindu family with Maltese dogs. Now if we added a Muslim this improbable ethnic joke would be complete. I remind those who think they know me that above all other things I am a father and grandfather.

We will have a special guest Drummaster. As my family is way out in deep Queens it will be the first time he has met this familiy. To date my parents have met my daughter a few times although, she calls my mother every week or so. Oddly, my mother insisted that my daughter be given a ballet tutu which the kid wore to death pretending she was a princess. I have never heard of West Indians being into ballet and when the daughter wants to go my niece will substitute for me.

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