Monday, December 09, 2013

Quiet but effective

The family in Queens is very poor. Usually, when I cook I over-shop and the extras end up being used even if they are unlikely to be planned menu items. The items help out and believe me food does run short there.
I had to make an emergency visit as the daughter's cell phone had to be paid. God forbid her mother could pay the bill. I was way deep in Chinatown almost by the East River getting my CDS refinished. It is cheaper and more convenient to take the scratches out then buy new ones. The Chinatown buses have dirt cheap fares. I think Washington DC to Chinatown is 20 dollars but I still prefer Amtrak.

I run out with my daughter to charge her cell phone . I tell her on the way back we will stop in for shakes Chocolate, Vanilla Strawberry or Banana. The two year old granddaughter  yells out she wants a banana shake. I said I 'will get you strawberry. The kid says no banana. I get a large Vanilla shake and a small banana shake and the kid actually likes the stuff. My daughter in law just shook her head and said it really wasn't bad. The granddaughter eats odd things that frequently appear when I visit like spinach rolls or oddly kasha. I had a batch from the deli and the kid has learned to eat the stuff. I explain it is adult food, but it does not appear to register. Spinach pie is likely innocuous anyway.


Duckys here said...

They are short of food but the kid's cell phone bill "has to be paid"?

You're raising a welfare queen.

beakerkin said...

Unlike the frummies everyone works and money is tight. The cell phone bill is a mere 43 dollars. I assumed that so that money could be diverted for other things like food.

There is little help for the working poor.