Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Away from Home

I will not be at my office for a while. I have been selected for a serious job that requires my logistics training at work. Given my choice, I would rather be at my desk serving the public and doing. However, this job takes precedence and I was selected for it.

I am guessing this is a two month assignment and it will involve plenty of overtime. I generally don't work overtime but this work is a very special situation. I also will need help from some of my fiends while I am away. I am down around eight cases and some of my friends will have to help until I return.

Management, wants me to do more teaching then doing in the next year. I have amply demonstrated that I can produce at will. My job is now to spend more time helping others increase production and to solve a festering problem.

I will be spending Christmas with my Guyanese family. Of course my daughter and granddaughter will be there. My nephew Drumaster  will be visiting. Of course there two Maltese will be there and the very strange mix that looks like a Havanese will be there. We are having BBQ leg of lamb, with rack of lamb and spinach pie.

The kids will be doing crafts. I will be tossing  lamb bones to the dogs who will be in heaven. As much as my Maltese love me as soon as they see a lamb bone look out. Little Rex is known to jump on the table look me in the eye and grab a bone off my plate if I don't produce them fast enough.  When I sleep he gnaws at those bones at my feet. He follows me around stopping to chew that bone as soon as I rest. He still like a turkey drumstick or chicken neck, but lamb bones are the best.

I will be sleeping over and away from home for a while.

Merry Christmas and at least the frummies will not visit my Guyanese family.  

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