Sunday, August 03, 2014

The Protocols of Poultry

We have a rather inane Jooo obsessed Duck. He seems to be more invested in Israel than I am. For the record I am a Jew. Yes, I went to a Yeshiva and have an often clueless younger brother who is an Orthodox Pulpit Rabbi. I am non practicing and have Guyanese Hindu and Christian family.

I support the State of Israel but have never visited, nor intend to. My interests are elsewhere like the untamed Jungles of Guyana or the forest of Northern Maine. My closest relatives are second cousins who probably have never heard of me. They call my parents a few times a year. 

Unlike the rest of my siblings I never accepted a trip from my parents. I preferred to work in the Mountains in long forgotten Hotels. This was a lucky turn of events. Every time I go for a security clearance the subject of Israel and my religious practices comes up. I explain my religious views are private and ask why I am being questioned about a country I never set foot in.

The Duck is intent upon talking about Gaza. It is fairly simple and straight forward. A group of genocidal religious fanatics intent on massacring Jews provoked a response. Rather than let its civilians die in assorted attacks it protected its civilians. These tunnels were strictly military in use and their construction was aided and abetted by criminal left types. How many cries did the left make about building supplies. Funny Hamas found enough to build scores of tunnels.

Hamas loves to create photo ops with its dead civilians. It places munitions and key personnel in areas designed to keep the body count high. The tunnel network could have been used by civilians as bomb shelters. Hamas kept the civilians away from the shelter.

Egypt and Saudi Arabia are not fans of Hamas. In fact Hamas only seems to have Turkey and Qatar and the deranged far left including Obama as supporters. 

The truth is the residents of Gaza are Egyptian and the area needs to be annexed. Whatever Egypt does to 
pacify the area is justified. No doubt there will be a huge body count but the residents of Gaza will have Muslim rule. 


Duckys here said...

My interests are elsewhere like the untamed Jungles of Guyana or the forest of Northern Maine.

You moving to Millinocket?

You have as much chance coping there as you do in the uninhabited area (i.e. almost all of it) of Guyana.

Have you formally adopted your "daughter"?

beakerkin said...

I looked at some retirement property
in the Kingdom. I prefer mild summers and small town life. A nice home on a lake.

Patrick Kelley said...

Beak, you're wrong. Gaza is not part of Egypt, it was traditionally the territory of Philistia (the Phillistines) hence the name "Palestine". Therefore, the fucking Palestinian Arabs need to be run out of Phillistine territory, which should be given back to the descendants of the original inhabitants, wherever they are.

As for the Palestinians, hell, drive them into the sea.

beakerkin said...

How is your health? Worried about you.

This is correct but modern Palestinians are not related to Arabs. Actual Phillistines were from the Aegean and not indigenous.

Ducky only cares about the Palestinians because he hates Jews.

Mike's America said...

if it could, Hamas would reconstruct Hitler's gas chambers and Ducky would expect the Jews to go silently into them as they did before.

Having visited Dachau, the first Nazi Concentration Camp I can't forget the memorial which says "Never Again."

Perhaps Ducky needs to get outside the suffocating liberal bubble he inhabits and learn more about history, let alone reality!

Mike's America said...

Has Dicky ever expressed any concern for the Syrian children who are being gassed, bombed and murdered by the TENS OF THOUSANDS? Or when Arabs kill Arab children is that OK?

Duckys here said...

Well, if it isn't Mike, fresh from sniffing Saint Ronnie Reagan's rotting brain tissue which he keeps in a jar on his bureau.

Mike, you jackass, I never mentioned Israel or the Palestinians in my post.
Beak, in his fixation, brought it up.