Saturday, August 30, 2014

Can't Explain this One

Theoretically, I am mortified by public speaking and can't do it. Oddly, apparently I do it very well and am considered a natural. I would only do this at a funeral for a peer or other emergency. This particular phobia can be tricked by lack of sleep. In this case a phobia requires excess energy to panic. Mild fatigue mutes this problem and I perform naturally.

I went to the funeral for my coworker. I did not expect to address the crowd. However, the bosses told me it would be better for a person who knew the departed well to make the agency statement. Oddly, the adult children loved hearing about how funny their father was. He laughed with you, but never at you.

Apparently, the top managers have noted that I am very at ease with crowds and can perform quite well. I can expect this to be added to my duties.

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