Saturday, August 02, 2014

Palestine and Leftist Boorishness

I want to point out that in my personal life I seldom talk about Israel. The topic usually comes up when a poorly mannered lefty insists on discussing it. We have workers who have immigrated from other lands, but my family emigrated from various points in Europe. 

In my personal life I am more apt to speak with pride about my Guyanese family and events. This usually upsets those on the left who say "you are not Guyanese". The conversation with my fellow Jews is more quaint. The Eastern European contingent was upset because I identified myself as Guyanese on the basis of familial ties. Guyanese themselves view my fondness with a smile and enjoy the comedic aspects of the persona. When I joke about Guyana the jokes are sometimes more about the USA than Guyana. Guyanese ask each other what village are you from. My response was the one with the Village People and the YMCA. My boss who is gay laughed so hard he dropped his soda. The Guyanese person who asked me also laughed. I can converse in the local accent and often do so naturally. Another joke was someone asked me about the political parties. I described the PPP and the PNC and went on to describe a party of the youth called OPP. OPP even has its own party song, everyone was laughing. The jokes are not really making fun of Guyana as much as popular culture.

When I talk to my coworkers it is seldom about politics. There is a coworker from Naples and we were discussing whole grain Pasta vs more commonly seen varieties. I discussed Haitian produce with another. Apparently, she can discern a Haitian mango from other types. Even my coworker who returned from Iraq was subjected to some humor about the civil war starting when he left. There is a basic civility in the office and I would not lecture people about their own country.

Lefties are not bound by manners and will launch into tirades. I still think it is wrong for people to bring up this subject. The reason they are doing so is because I am Jewish. Mostly the points are classic far left talking points. I really don't appreciate my patriotism being questioned, because of my support for Israel. I certainly never heard such idiocy said to a Greek or Pole.

Yes I am a Jew and I support Israel. I really could care less what lefties think. Sometimes, I am uncertain that there is though behind the slogans. 

I want to reiterate that at work I do not discuss politics. This is because lefties will twist anything I say into something approaching a scandal. The closest we get to political talk at work is debating laws we deal with
and whining about prices. 

I find it amazing that attorneys who represent the groups lefties talk about know my temperament better than lefties. We had an issue with a burka at work. I was okay doing the interview but a supervisor had issues. 
After the issues were solved I offered to reassign the case to a female or Muslim officer. The attorney said they prefer to remain with me because of my respect for the traditions. It was my typical interview with a couple of jokes tossed out and new ones tossed in. At the time I had a Pakul on my coat tree. I joked it made my head flat. 

It is okay to laugh together at common experiences. Singling out coworkers for political lectures is not okay. 

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