Sunday, August 31, 2014

The New Office is dreadful

I spent six years in the suite known as the sky palace. For the most part it was a great run except when a dingbat who likes to party non stop moved in. She brought a bad element into the area and I asked her to tone it down. When she refused out came the music to erase her noise. My music bothered her and unilaterally I gave the CD player to the girlfriend and the dingbat kept talking and talking.

The pit is a dreadful place with a lousy view. I am in an area of low class imbeciles. The view stinks and you need a cab ride to get to the bathroom or fridge.

A six year run in the sky palace is a long time.

I do not expect to stay very long as the team will be reforming in six months and where I sit will be altered again. Window not in this lifetime but the sky palace was more important than a window anyway.

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