Monday, August 18, 2014

Repeating Nazi Crap

There is a clown who should stick to producing music and leave politics to those with a brain. A certain Pink Floyd clown has made a claim since his father died in WW2 he can't be anti semitic. Last we checked only Nazis advanced the cllaim that WW2 was a "Jewish War". Last we checked  the war between Nazi Germany and the UK  was a declared war.

Sorry , your fathers death does not provide cover for decades of baboonery.

Of course sticking with music never occurs to ego maniacs like Waters.


Duckys here said...

Here's the record of his statement

Of curse he says nothing about charges of anti-semitism, that's something you make up (typical).

So give it a read then go back to your diet Dew, surf music and forms.

beakerkin said...

Once again your reading comprehension is tainted by your
Marxist baboonery.

What relevance does the passage about Nazism make.

1) WW2 was a war instigated by Jews.
2) Jews are the news Nazis.

Funny but Waters could look around
the area and find ethnically cleansed states and they are not Israel.

Waters basically wants Israel to cease being a Jewish state. Funny, but if he wants to set immigration policy he should do it in his own backyard.

Singling out the worlds only Jewish state for undue criticism is anti semitic. Waters has engaged in flip Jew Nazi comparisons.

Waters calls attention to himself and then cries victim. Even Commies favorite Jooooish stooge
Norman Finkola calls BDS a cult.