Sunday, August 10, 2014

An overdue post about a former pal who passed away

About a year and a half ago a blog friend passed away. Jams was a leftist, but the rare type who understood
that sometimes lefties go way overboard. He was not favorably disposed to Chavez and saw the obsession
with Israel and Jews as at times over the top.

This post is not about Jams the political person. This post is about the human face behind the words and things all of us go through. The subject does not have to be a decent lovable chap like Jams it could be anyone.

Jams found himself out of work through austerity. He was laid off from a government job through no fault of his own. He was middle age and it is very hard to find work at that age or reinvent yourself. I know the feeling because I had to do it in my 30's at or nearing 50 must be frightening. I recognized the depression and the inward doubts as only one who has been there could.

I want to direct this at younger readers. Being out of work is the most frightening humiliation known to us. The older you are when it happens the more frightening. When times are tough this is why seniority rules stink but are necessary.

Jams was a wonderful man who loved his cats and the not wife. His love of life, history and art show in his every word. Sometimes we would disagree sharply, but it was the respect of his humanity and basic decency that was at the center of our friendship. If he could send a message today it would likely be a humble reminder his modesty.

Please don't forget those around you that have fallen on hard times. Spend an afternoon with someone and bring the meal with you. Spend a few moments with that senior who lives in a changed area with no family or human contact. It might be a little bit of time but to those who are lost or depressed it could be a ray of warmth on a cold day.

I miss Jams, but his words are there for those to see.

RIP Jams ODonnel

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Always On Watch said...

Please don't forget those around you that have fallen on hard times.

Hear, hear!

In times past, people helped each other out more, I think.