Sunday, August 17, 2014

Here we go again with boorish far left arrogance

The far left likes to promote publicity nuts that confirm their stupidity. Classic examples of this are the Jersey Girls who claim ownership of 9-11. While we respect the sacrifice of their loved ones they weren't even there on 9-11. They don't speak for me and I had a front row seat. I don't claim to speak for anyone other than myself.

Our latest example is an outraged righteous gentile who has returned his medal for saving Jews from the Holocaust. While this man was once heroic, he fails to grasp that not all Nazis run around with Swastikas and idiotic salutes. It is quite obvious what Hamas has in store for Jews and one need not look any further than the videos of what this type do to non Muslims in Syria and Iraq. The medal recipient is all worked up about Israel as "Jewish State". Obviously he hasn't bothered to read demographics of every Arab State all with some type of theological law.

His niece married into a Gazan family. The family has suffered casualties. Has this person asked why these tragedies occurred. Hamas hides weapons and militants among civilians. Has this person asked about the child slave labor used to build the tunnels. Why weren't civilians using the tunnels as bomb shelters.

While we salute your act of courage seventy years ago it is obvious that you can not recognize genocidal lunatics when you see them. How many Judenfrei ethnically cleansed states are enough.

This is more moral rot from Europeans who think they are moral beacons, but are seriously deluded.  


Z said...

ARE YOU KIDDING ME? He returned his medal? Disgusting.

I could NOT agree more with you on this information.

I've missed you! my computer crashed 6months ago...and I lost your email address, so please write me!
And, I had bat brains and didn't just think of googling your blog name!
Hurray, I found you, Beak~!


Duckys here said...

I see, z, you and Beak think you know more about the circumstances of the death of his relatives.


beakerkin said...

I think you are used to blood libels.

No nation has shown as much restraint as Israel given the constant provocations. Gazans are and always have been Egyptians. It is time to end this fiction.

Let Egypt reclaim its territory and crush Hammas.

beakerkin said...

As for your laziness read the Elder of Zion for the full story.Lefties
omit facts but the house was a valid military target.