Friday, August 08, 2014

Good Natured Jokes about crime

While working some files I came across a suspected gang member. What is this the gang has a better employment record than we do. They have a female CEO and multiple key members old enough to get social security. If they weren't criminal you might want to work there.

I asked the subject matter expert. What is with all of these people over 60. Doesn't this ruin the famous TV detective line when you join a gang there are two ways out jail or a bullet. Crime is bad enough but messing
with  our actuarial tables is unforgivable.

The subject matter expert says look at the degrees. Wow this guy is more educated than the lawyer who represents him. He probably does administration.

Actually the Jerry Jones jokes are not good nurtured.

Now you know how the head coach kept his job.
Not everything in Texas is big
Jerry Jones scores more than his team.
The things people will do for a parking pass are amazing.

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Duckys here said...

When do the jokes start?