Wednesday, July 06, 2016

Not as bad as I thought

It has been some time since I had a bag of chips. I drink much less diet soda. I try and watch the salt but that isn't truth it hasn't been as difficult as I thought.

Rule number one for diabetes. It isn't a diet you need to change your ways or suffer the consequences. This is no fad diet it is the new me.

Rule two Hot breakfast cereal is your friend. It is low in sugar and starts you off good.

Rule three cold buffet for lunch. A touch of fish or chicken. Spinach and some cut melon slices.

Rule four if I am tired a small subway whole wheat sandwich and usually Turkey Roast Beef or Chicken
A large salad with sun dried tomatoes.

A diet implies temporary. My choice is mend your ways or die painfully. I still enjoy my meals but they are quite different.


Always On Watch said...

Not a diet, but rather an eating plan.

Eat healthy 6 days a week -- but treat yourself on day 7. Not a binge, but rather a treat.

Mike's America said...

We have learned that fat isn't the problem but sugar and refined flours.

I rarely use sugar in cooking and try and avoid flour. Cut the bread and pasta.

I work in things like broccoli or brussel sprouts which are high in green nutrients and don't spike blood sugar. The glycemic index should be a guide.

I still like my beer and that's a big problem with sugar.