Monday, July 11, 2016


Police work is dangerous and unfortunately mistakes are made. I sat with a real hero while in the hospital who trains
Officers for the NYPD. We discussed how our apprehensions are done. It is a controlled setting as the person has passed through a metal detector. The person is surrounded by an overwhelming number and it is handled calmly with a degree of professionalism and even empathy.

We had one and I asked my boss if we had to. Yes the person had clearly committed a heinous crime and deserved to be locked up. He was also supporting disabled children. In reality sometimes our criminal cases have shades of gray rather than black and white. When I have to have someone arrested it is only after careful research and consideration.

Unlike my office, the streets are not controlled. However, I want to go over this from a different perspective. When I lived in Vermont, I found myself profiled. I was frequently stopped by the local police. Admittedly, this is a pain
In the rear. However, at all times I was respectful. Admittedly, there was a misunderstanding about what police thought they saw. A drunk female Killer legs dropped a cigarette that was until. The police saw her head go into my lap area and they thought the worst. I remember in disbelief when the police thought I was getting oral sex while driving. Anyone who has seen the world according to Garp knows this is a bad idea. No matter how I tried to explain that one the locals did not believe it.

Rule One. Remain Respectful
Rule Two. Follow Instructions
Rule Three keep your hands viewable and spread your fingers
Rule Four Answer questions to the best of your a ability.
Rule Five Argue in court or with a supervisor latery
Rule Six If there is anything say it up front. Those are pills for diabetes.

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