Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Idiocy at the Times

When Blacks vote for Obama in numbers approaching fixed elections in the Soviet Union the NYT and other lefties saw nothing wrong with racial solidarity. Now that there is a hint that some white people are fed up with Obama and are considering voting for Trump the NYT goes out of its way to practically place bedsheets on those who support Trump. The most insane charge is Trump is antisemitic. Unlike Michael Lerner, Ivanka Trump is an Orthodox Jew and Trump has Jewish grandchildren. This is quite amusing coming from Hilary who hugged Suha Arafat after she claimed Israelis poison drinking water, she has a friendly relationship with the most deranged Jewish antisemite on the planet Max Blumenthal, she endorsed the Iran deal and there are several reports of her using Jew as an expletive including one from Dick Morris. In fairness she does have a Jewish son in law.

The media never really went after Pastor Wright and this was a twenty year relationship. It allowed Obama to pretend he barely knows Bill Ayers. It never discussed his relationship with a Communist mentor Frank Marshal Davis. It never
Even found a marriage certificate, photos or any witnesses to his mothers alleged marriage to his father. A divorce certificate exist. No record of his transcripts has been published. The NYT never asked Obama to renounce the communist parties support.

Hilliary has a series of ethics issues and her pointing at anyone's ethics is a laughable joke.


Ducky's here said...

Beak, you forgot Obama's a muslim.

You should see if Alex Jones is interested in you writing a column for InfoWars.
You need to develop your Hillary conspiracy theories. Obama's a lame duck.

Ducky's here said...

Although you are correct the Trump himself is probably not an anti-semite.

He just didn't realize his staffer grabbed the star from a white supremacist site.
Guilty of poor oversight but probably not antisemitism.

beakerkin said...

I would prefer Obama were a Muslim to a follower of Black Liberation Theology. It takes little effort to find decent Muslims. There are no decent followers of Black liberation theology.