Sunday, July 03, 2016

The World Turned Upside Down

Type two diabetes and high cholesterol both in the early stages are natures way of saying grow up. I have no complaints as I had fifty good years. At a certain point all of us even the health nuts go through some of this.

Number One I am not dieting. I make smarter choices and the weight is going on its own. Just don't do anything stupid
Like go hog wild on lasagna or eat a family size bag of chips.

The truth is I have much to learn. Who knew goat meat was comparatively lean and the curry is good for you because it contains tumeric. Who knew that dreadful tasting Indian bitter melon was so good nutritionally. Finding a way to eat it might perplex the wisest.

Number two I will still enjoy new junk food items on rare occasions.It will have to be something special and portion controlled.

Number three. I am not dead yet. Someday we all die, but there are no guarantees in anything except Obama apologists ignore facts and logic.

Enjoy the moment.y

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Mike's America said...

I have been adding turmeric daily as an anti-inflammatory. Not sure if it works but then the celebrex I had before didn't cure the problem either.

In a perfect world we would all eat right and get foods that are prepared for maximum health. Instead, most foods that are sold in stores are targeted towards satisfying our sweet tooth and other cravings.