Wednesday, July 20, 2016

I do not like Megyn Kelley

I find her unwatchable. It is amazing how an unintelligent and rather boring personality could get a prime time show.
The business with Ailes grows increasingly bizarre. Oddly Ailes promoted her and defended her in the big ego diva bs with Donald Trump.

I want to talk about abuse of EEO laws. I was part of a group that was accused of making a hostile work atmosphere. A
Litigious female complained about being excluded because we were talking about lawn care, car parts and sports. A female coworker joked if men can't talk about these subjects they may as well be told to shut up. I pointed out women
have a whole range of topics they discuss. If she wanted to discuss the merrits of a certain snow tire nobody would have excluded her. It was a frivolous complaint from a person with a doccumented history of complaining that followed
her through several locations.

My reaction to this complainer was to avoid her. I arranged my schedule so that we were never in any proximity. She came in on a Saturday which she never did. I immediately left and found a bizzare tract about feminism taped to my desk. The issue wasn't feminism, it was her litigious behavior. Of course she termed my avoidance as retaliation. The fact that this person made numerous complaints against variety of people wasn't considered. I pointed out I am not leading a project and she is not being ostracized. The impasse was broken by a variety of females who came over to discuss gardening. They also resented the tension in the office and missed the jokes. Most of them were about sports.

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beakerkin said...

I will continue to refuse to watch Megyn Kelley. I never liked her and found her boring.

Ailes should retire and 76 isn't a bad age to pass the baton. He accomplished plenty and should rest on his achievements. I do not see networks lining up to hire Carlsen.