Friday, July 22, 2016

A Class Act

Sadly the wife of Warren passed away. Her health was problematic for years. Yet when I called she always asked about mine. Her husband was the apex of class and dignity. In an earlier and better time you stood with your spouse no matter what. There was a code of honor men and women lived by. Sadly while we get better gadgets, we don't get better people. I am a better person because of our concise phone conversations. I regret as the job and home life grew more demanding I did not make extra time to call more often.

I look at my own family. I wonder if at times I short changed them. Cheekie visited me at work and it was the talk of the office for days.

What Warrey and Jackie can teach us all is that our lives are defined by who we love and who loves us. In the end all the possessions don't mean as much as silent glances between a couple that understands this.

I hope some of you understand what I wrote. I just hope that true love, romance and honor are not anachronisms. If they are then it is our loss.



Always On Watch said...

Since Warren laid his beloved to rest, he and I speak on the phone every day or two -- as my own medical misery here allows.

Warren is doing as well as can be expected.

Have you phoned him yet?

beakerkin said...

When I passed out in Staten Island and lost my phone I lost that number. If you can email me off line I will take care of it. I am on the death march citizenship colander today

Always On Watch said...


The email is coming from my personal account.

Warren said...

Thank you my dear friend.
As she grew more ill we became increasingly isolated but we had each other.