Saturday, July 02, 2016

New Diet Blues

I have been pretty good about this new diet. I eat yogurt in the morning. At lunch I eat a tiny amount of dry tuna, a few chunks of honeydew and fresh pineapple and the rest is baby spinach with some Caesar salad. For dinner if I am running late a small six inch Subway sub chicken on whole wheat with red onions picked and sweet onion dressing. I take a Salad later at night. The pounds are flying off. I am not dieting as much as adjusting to my new life. I had fifty years of overindulgence and what ails me is natures way of saying grow up.

On the work front some bizarre stuff happened. I guess a new employee did not grasp that there isn't a regulation we
Be dour. The truth is disabled people enjoy when people joke with them because few do. I was looking at the applicants new motorized wheel chair and noticed shock absorbers. The applicant corrected me that they were struts.
The technology on the wheelchairs is getting so good the next generation might have airbags. We both enjoyed a good laugh. We were also joking about the probable cost of that next generation device. It's okay to joke with disabled people as long as it's tasteful. The new trainee was mortified and started to rant.

The truth is that people who generally are thought to be humorless clergymen, law enforcement officers and disabled people enjoy a laugh especially when it's tasteful. I had an attorney who is also a Priest with a minor issue. It required a top boss to sign off on. I will need some help from the man upstairs. No not that guy, I mean three bosses over me. However, the help of the ultimate boss never hurts. It's okay to laugh together and it makes people feel good. The trainee was bothered and started to lecture. I said oh brother excuse me o father. The Priest explained that it is enjoyable because what matters is the intent in the heart. The dour cold professionalism is not as enjoyable as a shared laugh. I was more or less laughing at common parts of life.

The public isn't stupid they can discern good people from mean ones. You can say a sterile welcome. Or you can add details that show you have taken the time to turn the persons case into an item that requires thought. Stewardess you
Must be brave to endure all that airline food. Airline food has helped plenty of people stay thin. Up until recently thought I had to fly a plane to get packages of smoked almonds.

Now repeat after me. It is okay to laugh together and enjoy life

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