Thursday, May 12, 2016

Turning 50

I am wondering about the mess we are leaving behind to my daughter and grandchildren. I am too old to fight now. It is a necessary evil brought about by the imperfections of man. Were the ethos of the founding fathers universal there
Would be no need for the gun. Unfortunately we have people who worship at the altar of the State or theocratic statism.

We are leaving a messed up economy and planet. No doubt lefties can look at the mess in Scandanavia where Bernie imagines Eden and see where this mess leads. A decent people have been turned into Sheep and rape is endemic. We are more worried about offending people at times than punishing criminality.

The lesson of Obama was the man was entirely a myth propped up on a false narrative by a self righteous media and academic elite. He didn't redeem the country from the sins of the past and created a mess for the next idiot. Neither
Trump nor Hilliary is fit to lead. However, Coulters criticisms of Hillary are correct.

When you see a messed up planet thank a lefty.


Michael said...

You're turning fifty, but you've described yourself to me as "an old Cold Warrior." Seeing as how the Soviet Union collapsed when you were in your twenties, how much Cold Warrioring could you actually have done? And what for did that take?

Mike's America said...

The problem is that the younger generation has no baseline from which to appreciate just how out of whack things are.

At least we can remember an America where things were different and in many ways better. That America is being deliberately erased by the left.

Ducky's here said...

Coulter's criticisms?

Someone still reads that harpy?
Congratulations, Beak, I think you're the last.

beakerkin said...

Birdbrain read Coulters criticisms of Hilliary. Once again you show zero ability to grasp basics. Hillary has enabled a sexual predator. The Clinton attacks on females are worse than Trump.

beakerkin said...

I was a relentless foe of Communism from aiding the Afghans to the Contras even as a teen. I am old enough to had commie scum steal and burn my flag as s toddler. I remember
the hard hat riots when Americans got tired of Commies.

Mike you are correct

BB-Idaho said...

I'm so old that I was for Ike as a kid andvoted for Kennedy. When you were in diapers, I was mustered out as a Lieutenant. We all think the old days were better and we all have different places to place the blame. Me, IMO things started going to hell with Reagan: you ruin the middle class and pamper the rich you're going to end up with neofeudalism, which is the unplanned GOP trajectory. History
pays no attention to personal politics but is a harsh judge.

Ducky's here said...

I am old enough to had commie scum steal and burn my flag as s toddler.

I sense an exaggeration.

Jersey McJones said...

So, you aided the folks who later committed the 9/11 terrorist acts, and terrorist groups in Central America? Is this what you're admitting?


beakerkin said...

Get your facts strait pea brain. Our man in Afghanistan was Ahmad Shah Massoud. He was victim number one on 9-10. I back the Contras then and now. Communists need to die.


It is no exaggeration to a toddler who lived Sullivan County in the 70.


Time is a great leveler

Ducky's here said...

Your flag was taken from you and burned when you were a toddler?

Pardon those who think that sounds like the pure stinky cheese.

beakerkin said...

Lefties are not capable of starting with adults.