Wednesday, May 18, 2016


I am disappointed in the ending of NCIS season. The ending was too predictable and almost a cliche. It was obvious to
The writers that the actress who played Ziva was not amenable to a more substantive death. The leaving to raise a daughter in secret is a cliche. The death of The Kort shot by the whole team was also predictable. A better ending would put her and Dizozo in a losing battle against some deranged middle eastern madman. The ending was almost pure sugar.

Onto more substantive issues than popular entertainment. Our deranged President wants to keep the relationship between the media and his administration secret. He is keeping his brain impaired henchman who spun a fairy tale about Iranian moderates while he stokes blatant Jew hatred. The comments directed at a real man Charles Schumer by the cowardly Obama minions were predictable. Obama in full protect Islam mode has threatened to veto legislation to protect the Saudis.

Predictably the Duck backs the Commie line about Coups in Brazil. The next Congress needs a full investigation of Obamas malfeasance with the Iran deal. Obamas abuse of power in various agencies needs exposure and the appropriate charges filed. There should be a pay, bonus and hiring freeze imposed on the IRS until the coworkers of Lois Lerner testify and she is sent to do hard time in jail next to terrorists and sociopaths in Federal prison.

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