Monday, May 23, 2016

Breaking with the GOP

I refuse to support Trump. His Presidency would be no worse than the imbecile in Office now. The party has to stand for something. I am not supporting a more focused Obama. Great you want to reduce Muslim immigration as it is family based how? The answer to everything is a better deal. He has not said he is going to tear up the Iran deal. Much mileage has been made over Trumps Jewish daughter. Hilliary also has a Jewish son in law and it didn't stop her from selling Israel out as an Obama stooge.

Onto the economy, the Trump policies of attacking China will make the world less safe and prolong the Obama recession. He will be more competent than Obama but so would anyone else. His immigration policy is a mystery but rounding up millions isn't happening. Oops I sent Ducky to Caracas to live in the mess he rationalizes. I have my own plan. No more six month visas. Trade schools and colleges are liable for deportation costs. Students who do not attend classes are banned from adjusting. The sole exception is an expensive waiver based upon 120 credits for those who have USC children.There would be a 12000 dollar surcharge on the university. Every credit would lower the amount.

TPS is capped at three years. After that the person must return home for three years. The exceptions would involve expensive waivers.

All new Citizenships and green cards may be revoked if the holder is involved with terrorists. Any appeal must be filed from abroad.

The Diversity lottery needs to end.
Brother and Sister class needs to end
Adoptions should start at 6k unless there is a medical note about fertility or a well documented reason in cases with
Extended family. The parent giving up the child is banned from visa benefits for life.

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