Sunday, May 08, 2016

The Iran deal revisited

Once again Obama used deception and media allies. Lost in the mix were the traitorous Kapos of J Street, Nadler and imbecile Rick Jacobs. Deception for Obama is par for the course. How many lies did Obama serve up when he passed Obamacare. Of course if Obama were a Republican the streets would be filled with angry protesters. This most recent relegation is sufficient cause to tear up the treaty. Of course the left is fond of mythical liars but now it defends
A serial liar.

Barak Obama needs to be impeached after his term ends.


Ducky's here said...

You forgot Lois Lerner, Beak.

Why would you impeach someone who is out of office?
You've run out of time for impeachment.

Why didn't Giuliani run this year or is he going to be Drumpf's VP?
Face it, the rethugs are toast.

beamish said...

Trump supports the Iran agreement.

Michael said...

You CAN'T impeach someone once he or she is out of office. Please tell me again about what a high-ranking, knowledgeable government official you are.

beakerkin said...

Actually you can do so. Then proceed to criminal charges from there.

Ducky's here said...

Beak, can you give an example of impeachment proceedings against a politician who is out of office?

What would be the point of proceedings to remove someone from office who is not in office.

You aren't making sense, Officer.

Ducky's here said...

From the Wiki entry on impeachment:

"Although the subject of the charge is criminal action, it does not constitute a criminal trial; the only question under consideration is the removal of the individual from office ..."

Sounds like you were a little hasty, Officer.
I hope your case work research is more thorough.

beakerkin said...

In essence Obama has escaped impeachment because of his mythology. If he were any other President including a Clinton he would be gone.

Let Congress and a Special Prosecutor review his illegal actions. Let them review the malfeasance at Federal agencies and like his buddy Lula get indicted.

Ducky's here said...

Speaking of impeachment, I know you're a fan of the coup going on in Brazil.

Rouseff is being impeached for moving accounts around to try to present a balanced budget. Essentially what the Dauphin did when he and "Skeletor" Cheney kept the Iraq war costs off the books and left it for Obama to manage.

Now, as I've explained to you, the Brazilian action is effectively a coup.
But I'm curious why you weren't calling for the Dauphin's impeachment and rather you are calling for Obama to be ousted when Obama was left with a mess he had to clean up.

Now other than your hysteria over Lerner questioning whether a pro Likud political action group qualified for tax exempt status (the nerve of examining a pro Likud group!) just what has Obama done that is grounds for impeachment?

Michael said...

You write, "Actually you can do so. Then proceed to criminal charges from there."

I'm going to need some kind of reputable citation to back that up before I'll believe it.

beakerkin said...

There needs to be a special prosecutor to examine the abuses of power by Obama and his minions across the the board. The violations in the immigration area and the IRS need an investigation.

Funny when the actual people talk in Brazil you can't handle it. Be glad the Cold War is over as Coups are a thing of the past.

Who decided Maduro should subsidize Cuba and the Sandinazis while the people suffer.

beakerkin said...

Michael be glad Trump can't win. Hilliary will cover up the mess.

Mike's America said...

I'd still like to get an answer from Michael as to whether he believes fake charges of rape actually make it more difficult for REAL rape victims to find justice.