Monday, May 30, 2016

Palestine mythology

Lefties like to think of themselves as people of erudition. They point to evolution and get long winded rants. However, this learning does not extend towards economics where example after example of its failures lead to more excuses. Bernie doesn't want to talk about Venezuela. Once again lefties fail to grasp that natural resources are cyclical commodities subject to supply and demand as well as substitution.

Producing an engineer or an entrepreneur is as important to economic success long term as any other factor. Nationalizing ( property theft) property to award to incompetent cronies damages the economy. We hear the familiar excuses from lefties in the USA about Brazil and Obama.

Onto the greatest myth the historical invention of Palestine as a cover for furthering Antisemitism. Boycott of Jews and Jew free real estate has an obvious historical source. Lefties need to cover their outer Nazi with a fig leaf. Thus they invented Palestine and an imaginary past to cover their obsessions. How the Soviets champion Muslims in Palestine while abusing them domestically remains the greatest hypocrisy of modern times. This required convivance of
Arabs who sold non Arab Muslims down the river. None of the Arab states save Egypt has a historical basis. In fact multiple groups with actual claims of nation status are sold out to Arab, Anatolian and Persian hegemony.

There was an uproar when Newt Gingrich told the truth. Note lefties did not contradict the statements of Newt. The next time you see a BDS type give them a Nazi salute or Pig Heil Cumwad. It drives them up a wall.

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Off topic...MJB stopped by our house yesterday. He sends regards to you, Beak.

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