Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Proof read

At work we had fun with a clerk who forgot to proof read. She typed a paragraph about a gorilla gang into human trafficking. I am picturing one of our genius investigators going to the Bronx zoo and questioning the suspects. It's
Okay they aren't with ISIS they are into Bernie Sanders and are living in a State Subsidized commune. Pass the canibas and free tuition.

Just another disgruntled ex spouse. Seriously those of you who think women can't be viscious should read some of these letters. The man is long gone and the venom continues for years. I am perplexed by women who end a relationship
On bad terms but need to reconnect years later. Excuse me, whatever was between us was concluded long ago by your choice. Who cares about you. The romance was yesterday's news and you shouldn't flatter yourself thinking I still carry a torch.

Let me be a male pig. Men say things to women we don't mean. We do it to keep the feminine ego at bay. Yes it is easier than telling a person she was just okay. Yes I enjoy making a romantic evening. The intense passion is worth the effort. However, don't kid yourself that you were the only one I went through with such a magical evening. For me
I had my magic evening and its forgotten. I guess in an age where romance is dead it stands out. To all the exes enjoy the memories but I have no desire to catch up or create new ones. I always tell people if this is what you want
Go. Just don't ever return or contact me again. I am very clear about this I wonder why so many forget. This is also why I do not have a Facebook account as it would be worse.


Ducky's here said...

They after you for child support again?

beakerkin said...

No Duck, I don't understand why exes find a need to reach out. I am not the type to talk of such things. When it is over, it is over.