Monday, March 21, 2016

Sanders is culpable

The media has given Bernie Sanders a pass for the lawless behavior done in his name. Sanders is aware by now and has
Not dealt with this issue. The media ginned up fake stories about Trump and the KKK. However it remains silent on Obama support from racists and communists.

This behavior goes beyond heckling. Trump speaks a basic truth that many of us are fed up with left wing criminality and would love to beat the crap out lawless punks. Lefties do not tell the truth about Vietnam protesters. There was plenty of support for the guardsmen in Kent State. This was followed up by the hard hat riots where construction workers beat up lefties.

Trump speaks to a fatigue with a privileged class that wants to violate laws with impunity.Protests should be peaceful and leftist ones seldom are.

Sanders needs to come out and state he is against political violence done in his name. Furthermore if the Trump crowd were really riled the commies and anarchist vermin would need the people they call pigs to stop them from being lynched. I have zero sympathy for a lefty who violently disrupts first amendment rights of those they disagree with.


Ducky's here said...

Stunning, you still don't have any link that indicates the anti-Trump supporters are acting on Bernie Sanders' direction.
They may just be anti Trump.

But then you show your true colors and call for demonstrators to be shot and hung.

Very impressive, Beak. I'm sure you'd love to beat the crap out of a protestor but we know you don't have the stones so you delegate the job to your surrogates.

beakerkin said...

Not shot and hung just beaten to a pulp. As I am law abiding this doesn't happen. I shed no tears when lefties get beaten.

The outfits that say Bernie aren't enough.