Sunday, March 20, 2016

How much is Bernie Sanders culpable for the violence of his supporters

At this point not very much. However going forward he has a duty to denounce political violence done by people who support him. Don't expect courage or sanity or intelligent thought from Bernie Sanders. He lacks courage and the candor to explain political violence are wrong.

I want to point out the hypocrisy of the media. If the roles were reversed and TEA Party members chanted Commie Commie at Sanders rallies you would have outrage. Of course the elite media are all trained by the same socialist professors at elite universities.

The protesters have let us know who they are wearing keffiyehs and waving Mexican flags. These are people who hate America. Let Bill Ayers lead a crew into an actual Trump assembly. The Veterans present might not leave enough to burry.

It is too late for Cruz. Rubio stayed in way too long and handed the nomination to a clown. However, Trump is more qualified to be President than Obama. When Obama makes multiple ignorant remarks the media shrugs while pretending outrage after every Trump remark.

A vote for Hilliary is a Vote for Obama, the Blumenthal jerks and terrorists everywhere. You want to bet Donald Trump
doesn't call a gunman yelling Allah Ahkbar workplace violence or call a blood curdling attack on a Kosher supermarket random violence. The gaffes of Obama are way beyond ordinary media cheerleading. We are still waiting for Obamas grades.

A vote for Hillary is a vote for Obama.


Ducky's here said...

This pretty much establishes you as a blatant hypocrite.

At no time has Sanders ever encouraged violence.
On the other hand, your boy Trump has gone out of his way to encourage violence and condones it.

Trump is a stinking Fascist and your support of Trump is not all that surprising.
You glorify violence as a vicarious way to release your own. Not a pretty picture, Beak.

beakerkin said...

Going forward Sanders has a duty to remind his retarded followers about peaceful protest. You are what your followers do

Ducky's here said...

Wrong as usual.

The protesters have virtually always been peaceful.
When one of your 85 I.Q. fans sucker punches a protester who is leaving peacefully and then says "Next time we may have to kill him' the appropriate response is not an offer to pay the batterer's legal fees. Trump has been responsible for the violence.

Neither you not I know which side precipitated the confrontation in Chicago, either. It could just as easily been your buddy Trump's brown shirts.

Also, #blacklivesmatter has not endorsed any candidate. Why do you assume everyone is supporting Sanders?

beakerkin said...

I will take the IQ of the Trump crew over Commies. I am with Trump as the person had no busiiness there. Some of us are tired of leftist communazi tactics. A Trump assembly is not an academic setting where leftist communazi s are indulged.

It is clear from the Bernies Sanders apparel and the Mexican Flags who the communazi support.

Very classy use of Nazi images at an AIPAC gathering. Then lefties want to know why people want to beat them..