Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Obama the moron Il

Obama keeps proving he is far and away the dumbest person elected President. His latest stupidity is comparing the American Revolution to the Communist Revolution in Cuba. I am starting to believe the reason you don't see articles, transcripts or published articles by Obama is because he is a blathering imbecile. This is strictly grade F material and even Fidel Castro stated Obama is stupid.

Sorry, but Washington, Adams and the founding fathers respected imdividual rights. They did not create a dictatorship
And rule by tyranny.

There is no reason to mince words or be repentant about a economic embargo. Cubas economic mess is strictly the result of Castroite malfeasance. Moreover, Castro has exported his brand of criminality beyond its borders and is guilty of stoking political criminality and causing needless deaths beyond its borders.

Castro gets no apology from any real American


Michael said...

Well, he said that the initial motivations for the revolutions were the same--people wanted freedom from tyranny. Unless you're a Batista fan, then he was correct. He also said that it is time for the young people of Cuba to build a new society. Of course, he could have stood on the table at a state dinner and taken a steaming dump on Raul Castro's plate, but that wouldn't have had the desired effect, I'm guessing.

Ducky's here said...

Sorry, but Washington, Adams and the founding fathers respected imdividual rights.

Just ask the slaves.

beakerkin said...

Let's see one again we are going to blame the founding fathers and Africans. As a neoslaver who endorses slavery in gulags you like Obama are an F student.

Fact workers have more rights in Capatalist countries than Communist ones.


Grade F

Whatever the issues with Batista we are talking about fifty years of despotism. There is no rationalization or excuses. Castro had the whole rest of the world to trade with.

As an official I understand the limitations of propriety.

Michael said...

Well (I write again, as if writing things again were the magic bullet that allowed you to understand even the simplest ideas), he seems to be referring to the impetus that led the people of Cuba to rebel, not the fifty years of despotism that came afterward--much like someone could admire the original impetus of the American Revolution, yet not be a fan of the 89 years of slavery that followed hard on its heels.

And remember: I'm a government official, too, and I think I have something like ten years on the job more than you have, so I'm overruling you on your estimate of what you understand.

beakerkin said...

Any revolution is judged by what follows. There is a world of difference between Thomes Jeffrrson, Castro and Lenin. We can also ponder what communists do to actual
revolutions in Prauge and Tianamen Square.

One can not pull the despotism of Castro out of the context from which he sprang. The crimes of the revolutionaries exceeded that which they replaced from France, to Russia, China and so forth.