Monday, March 14, 2016

Barak Obama stupid and clueless.

Obama is the clueless President anointed by the media elite. He is quite stupid and was never fit for office. He never accomplished anything of note and has made a giant mess of the USA.

Obama thinks it is his job to lecture the citizens how to vote on the EU. That is an internal matter best left to the citizens of the U.K. . One can argue they are better suited to make decisions about their future than a country that elected the clueless one twice.


BB-Idaho said...

Given the mess he inherited and the harassing and blocking of every more, I'd give him a thumbs up.

beakerkin said...

What problem did he make better? Harassing you mean like sending butchers from the IRS after political opponents. Even Nixon didn't pull that one off. Nobody died at Watergate and the IRS scandal alone exceeds anything dreamed up by Nixon.

BB-Idaho said...

If you invest for retirement, the S&P rose 156%, NASDAQ 229% and
the Dow 125% under Obama. Gasoline imports are down 55% (and
gas prices follow) exports are up 39%. Millions now have health
insurance. GW Bush was well known for having the IRS go after churches that were liberal and anyone who was anyone was on Nixon's
enemies list. It will take the Dems another couple of administrations
to bring us back to where we were before Nixon, Reagan and the Bush
family. (about 500 years to fix the damage a Donald Trump would
cause) You should look at the bigger picture and actual data.