Wednesday, March 02, 2016

May leave the GOP

I have been a member of the GOP as soon as I could. The nomination of Trump has driven me to the point of wondering what has become of the party of Reagan. Trump is an asshole and Hillary a disasterhole. This is a debacle of epic magnitude.


Ducky's here said...

Where will you go?

Is Rudy "Struttin' with My Chippie" Giuliani forming a third party?
Trump really hates Muslims. Why are you so down on him?

beamish said...

It could be worse. We could be coming out of four years of Romney.

I left the GOP in 2012. Not even interested in going back.

beakerkin said...

Mr B. The election of an airheaded populist has me besides myself. Trump is sheet celebrity no substance. My party has abandoned me and our beliefs.

Ducky I don't hate Muslims. I hate lefties who are a menace to the safety of the rest of the planet.

beakerkin said...

Of course the real Trump story is Obsma fatigue. The machismo is a direct contrast to the spineless cowardly Obama.

Obama is a grade F student socialistically promoted. The speech at the mosque was historically a grade F.

Trump is a buffoon and a jerk. Unlike Obama he gets stuff done and is not a coward. Trump is a blowhard and a jerk, but for all his faults is superior to Obama.

That being said I am so disgusted I am seriously considering becoming an independent.

Ducky's here said...

Other than inheriting a substantial fortune what has Trump done that has been of any lasting import?

He's just another grifter like "Struttin' with My Chippy" Giuliani.
Maybe Stephen Schwartz will mount a third party run on the Likud ticket with Pam "Psycho" Geller as VP. Would that make you happy?

beakerkin said...

Obviously you are a simpleton and do not grasp construction and marketing.

beakerkin said...

The rest is rather hackneyed antisemitism that typify our exchanges. Until lab rats, communists never learn or grow.

Always On Watch said...

There is a great deal of anger against the management (manipulators of) both Parties. That anger goes far to explain why we're seeing so many supporters of both Sanders and Trump (and Cruz, for that matter).

Always On Watch said...

Is Romney going to be the nominee this time around, too?

BB-Idaho said...

I left the GOP after Nixon.