Friday, January 17, 2014

Unexpected Class

The top boss who is retiring this week visited me a few times. He pointed out his regret at the sequence of events that had me enduring workplace bullying. I had no idea you were this good. The problem is that managers do not take enough time to review the work of their subordinates. In my case he knew that his subordinate was noisy and unstable. Sadly, he never really took the time to evaluate the situation himself.

A younger man might have been bitter. The scary part is that the absurd novel disciplinary actions should have set off an investigation but didn't. The sad part about workplace bullying is the utter lack of accountability that managers have. This behavior was tolerated long before I got here. I did stand around and see it end. Oddly the person responsible for my ordeal has spent more than three years in the rubber room.
It is not sufficient punishment for behaviors that were deliberate and malicious. One key thing with bullies is their lack of comprehension of the magnitude of their crimes and they continue to blame others for their failings.

Small gestures don't seem like much but they are appreciated.  


Z said...

GOOD! I'm hoping they move you way up the ladder and you can set an example that the office can live by and do well for you, your employees, and the public which comes there!

I wish you'd get rid of the 'anti robot''s SO rare that spam happens and it's a pain in the patoot and keeps folks away from commenting! of course, that'sjust my opinion!

Duckys here said...

In my case he knew that his subordinate was noisy and unstable.

Clearly the ideal employee.

beakerkin said...


The ideal employee is the one that
gets the mission done. Anything else beyond that is not the point of employment.

In the case of his subordinate, she was promoted way over her ability due to the influence of her father. She was neither qualified nor competent enough for entry level positions much less management.

In her case she has a record of workplace bullying that dates back 20 years. Nepotism and workplace bullying are very much intertwined.


In my case I am happy to mentor the next generation. Unfortunately
the secret that I am fairly easy
to manage is out.

My methodology has helped new workers get up to speed fast. We seldom pay attention to the other details such as preperation. The model I established is being emulated albeit with unknown results.