Saturday, January 25, 2014

The Obama Follies

The Obama apologists have missed a couple of classic nuggets from the incredably stupid Obama. The latest classic is Israel is encouraging anti-Obama backlash. Funny, but given the stupid policies of this administration Americans of all stripes are upset at the circus clown President who blames others for his failings. This line of thinking is clearly antisemitic. Obviously Jews are incapable of having their own opinions about the failed policies of the circus clown President.

Obama has deluded himself into thinking he knows more about Jewish history then actual Jews because he has read a few books and had a few deranged radical friends. No doubt a person making such idiotic pronouncements because he read about Malcolm X and hung out with P Diddy would be correctly called a moron.

The sooner Obama goes into retirement the better this country will be.


Anonymous said...

No, needs to read some Shlomo Sand. Maybe some Ilan Pappé,Uri Avnery, Richard Falk, Michael Neumann. Oh, and some Noam C and Norman Finlelstein. Not to forget Amira Hass.

There are just so many.

beakerkin said...


We don't bother reading the works of Communists and fellow travelers. They are on a par with pop up books and should only be used for comedic purposes.

As a rule truth is directly the opposite of whatever Communist clowns claim it is. Your obsession
is abundantly clear by the choice
of authors.

Its dem Jooooooooooooos.