Wednesday, March 25, 2015

The Media Fails to Do its Job

One can peruse the Alien file of Barak Obama Sr. on line. The answers to many of the questions are likely inferred in that file.

There is no evidence that Obamas mother and father actually married. No certificate has ever been located. No photos of the event or witnesses has ever stated they were present. The only tangible evidence that such a marriage existed is the divorce decree for the union.

There are a handful of photos that show them together. There does not appear to be evidence that Obamas parents even lived together.  The A file alludes to a woman claiming to be the wife of Obama
Sr. The government was well aware of Obamas wife in Kenya.

This information is all meaningless except for the medias refusal to do even basic research into the Obama myth.The Obama mythology of his birth adds up to a sham marriage. Even if a certificate is located one must deal with the polygamy issue. Again, none of this matters except that Obama has knowingly peddled mythology and his media minions looked away.

Oddly, Obama could have used this history for a meaningful discussion about immigration laws and reality. This would have been more poignant than the blather Trayvon could have been me. Other than a proclivity towards substance abuce there is no common ground. Obama was a Preppy Pothead much like a butt kissing Screech and Trayvon was a violent version of Juan Epstein. Obama falsely places his mythical parents in the civil rights Selma bit

The truth is that Obama is not and never was anything more than a joke. He never lived in a Black household until marriage. Obama spent HS as a prep school version of Shaggy. He attended classes in
between Bong Hits in the mystery van. In college he becomes an angry student radical on cue. His angry radical act was more dancing to the tune his Bolshevik professors wanted than authentic. Obama is tofu in a steak and potatoes world.

After Obama is out we are going to learn plenty. I am not looking forward to this. I expect it to be worse than we imagined.


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