Thursday, March 26, 2015

Beloved Brands

I collect stocks of consumer product companies. Over time many have been bought out. Sometimes one company I own buys another. Over the years many beloved companies I owned were purchased or sold Brands. Sara Lee, CPC, Wrigley were just some of the companies I owned and lost.

Over time sometimes you find a brand you loved back in your portfolio as Oreos and Planters went from privately held to public companies. It's fun going to the grocery store and just looking for your companies products.

Of all of the companies I owned over the years the one that I really missed was Heinz. I  loved the entire product line and retained a soft spot for its products. I bought fewer as other companies I owned made similar products. I was pleasantly surprised to learn it is back in my portfolio again as I own Kraft which merged with Heinz.

I went back to the market and purchased all my old favorites. It was fun to throw old favorites back in
the cart. I think the only thing I refuse to buy is the mustard because Guldens and the smaller producers make better products. There will be a cash dividend and I will plow it back into a small position in a food company I don't own.

Oddly, enough my daughter eats some of this stuff. As she is getting older she learns to take a snack or two.


Ducky's here said...

Where does Velveeta fit in the hierarchy.

Mike's America said...

Not a big fan of Heinz after Teresa H. Kerry turned it into a cash cow for the hard left. A friend of mine was the Chief of Staff to the late Sen. John Heinz and I grew up smelling Heinz ketchup cooking in my town so I have some personal feelings about this.

beakerkin said...

Kraft owns Velveeta. They make some interesting new products.