Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Moses beats Pharoh again

Pharoh Obama and his left wing buddies set about interfering with an election in an independent nation. The problem is the citizenry of that nation is not nor should it be favorably inclined towards Pharoh Obama. Thus the dream of creating Pseudostine to please his antisemitic University buddies will elude him.

Of course if Obama were not antisemitic he would demand the PA behave responsibly and halt terror. Those who yearn for Peace never quite get around to the part where Arabs put down the gun and make some concessions.

Of course the Duck will arrive and call me a Likudnk. I don't tell the people of Israel how to govern their own affairs and would have respected a different outcome. They live their lives and it would be best if criminals like Soros would cease meddling in foreign affairs.


Always On Watch said...

I wonder if Obama feels chastened this morning.

beakerkin said...

I can say with certainty he is fuming. He wanted to be the President that created Pseodostine. Like most lefties he hasn't grasped that if this is his goal pressuring the Pseudostinians to stop the violence and stop being outrageous in their claims would get the job done.

Israelis are not burdened by a history that immunized Obama from criticism. Obama had nothing to do with Selma. His white family owned slaves. His father was an African exchange student. He benefited from far left family connections and affirmative action. He likely received less verbal abuse than the fat kid he went to prep school with in between bong hits.

Always On Watch said...

Obama has no good Middle East legacy. In fact, just the opposite from a legacy.

Ducky's here said...

It was a typical performance.

Just make noise about the scary Arabs. Bomb a few shelters once in a while and yap about Iran. It works in the U.S. also.

But it's not going to do a damn thing about altering negotiations with Iran.
The wealth disparity in Israel will continue much like the U.S. The middle class will continue to get squeezed.

World opinion will continue to hold Israel in disfavor.

Quite an achievement. Convince people to live scared in order to claim power and weaken the long term interests of Israel at the same time.

beakerkin said...

Lefties say this every time a normal person gets elected. This must include the insane rulers in Venezuela who accuse Obama of plotting against them.

The EU and Obama can piss off. Obama is on borrowed time. He is going to try and pass the manifesto to Fauxchohontas Warren.

Obama is a big problem for Democrats.

Always On Watch said...

He is going to try and pass the manifesto to Fauxchohontas Warren.

I, too, think that's the goal.

We shall see.

Anonymous said...

1.Obama has no left wing buddies.

2.Obama is not antisemitic.

3.How's that West Bank, eh?

4.How's that prison called Gaza, eh?

5.Israel wouldn't listen to you. "Who the funk's Beakerkin?"

6.Criminals like...? How's that West Bank, eh? Criminals like...?

7.Meddling in foreign affairs....???? That's the US's MO. Apparently the Greeks invented democracy and the US stomped on that damned stupid idea as quick as they could say apple pie. The Saudis know how to get shit done. Gotta take the risk OUT of democracy. Meddling in other sovereign nations affairs is right up at the top of the old agenda. "Yeah, You go 'head do that, we mess you up real good!"