Saturday, March 21, 2015


Our bird brained poultry wants to go into the crimes of Lerner. BB Idaho sees Lerner as a victim.

Let's do this slowly as both parties are not capable of rational thought. Lerner is an attorney and is well aware of the heinous crimes she commited. Any verbal abuse she receives other than death threats or threats of violence are warranted. Her persecution of pro Israel groups on behalf of Obama who is the most anti Israel president puts her on a par with Kapos. If she were in my congregation I would demand her membership be revoked and all family events cancelled. She should not even be permitted a burial in a Jewish cemetery.

Lerner is a public servant and abused her position to persecute people with whose political option she differed with. She did this around an election in an attempt to suppress grass roots political activities.
The requests for evidence went well beyond what was required by law. The antics of the IRS under Lerner were Hugo Chavez like. Perhaps Kirchner will offer her a job so Timmerman might find someone as unpopular in their own community.

Civil Servants are bound by a code of ethics. There is mandatory training that covers this area that every single Federal Employee is required to take yearly. Lerner is also an attorney and her actions warrant a higher penalty.

Federal employees are protected from liability only if their mistakes were in the normal course of doing their duties. Lerner knowingly abused her position to harm those whose politics she disagreed with. She should be sued into bankruptcy and her pension stripped. Her husband should be forced to divorce her or lose every single dime.


Ducky's here said...

I figured Israel enter into this somewhere. I have no idea what specifically pro Israel PACS were reviewed but you seem to imply that they should get a free ride by virtue of advocating for Netanyahu.

Utterly absurd.

Now which PACs were denied tax exempt status?

You're acting like a spoiled brat.

beakerkin said...

Commie tactic. Pretend that the issues with charities in Israel are similar to those of adjacent countries. This does not even rate a response.

This is an Obamunist tactic to rationalize the crimes of Lois Lerner on behalf of Obama.

Michael said...

Asking for facts to back up one's assertions is apparently now a "Commie tactic."

Everything, it seems, is a Commie tactic. Who knew?

Ducky's here said...

Why did the Issa committee drop the case with no findings of wrong doing?

Mike's America said...

The fact is that pro-Israel PACS were treated in ways not dissimilar to the Tea Party. Their rights to organize in the same way that liberal groups do were denied.

It's fascism pure and simple!

Ducky's here said...

In other words despite the fact that liberal groups were also reviewed and no right wing PAC was denied tax exempt status this was somehow a grand plot to prevent fringe right PACs from operating.

Bore me later.

And agin, look at the keywords that were used to identify PACs for review and tell me if Israel was one of them. You're as deluded as Beak.

Now again, just what was denied the fringe right influence peddlers?