Sunday, March 22, 2015

Lois Lerner Cries Victim

Lois Lerner is crying she is a victim. People won't hire her and she has been forced to spend large sums of money for legal bills. For someone who is allegedly an attorney to state this these remarks should come with a laugh track. Perhaps in addition to all the other epithets deservedly tossed at Lerner we should now add imbecile.

The record indicates Lois Lerner abused her power and violated multiple ethical standards. She is an attorney who took the required ethics training provided to every song Federal Employee multiple times. The training is pretty basic and speaks directly to the crimes she committed. Let's all place in a call to the Argentine government and recommend Lerner for a job there. She can blubber to Timmerman who also is whining about being unpopular in the Jewish community.

Has anyone checked Monster for jobs with the key phrases amoral or ethically challenged. Add in obtuse .......  Proven record of abusing authority ......

Lerner cries that she is better than Jeffery Dahmer. Is this a joke. She commits massive crimes and violates a public trust but at least I am not a serial killer. Actually, serial killers have fan clubs and groupies and are more popular than IRS managers.

On a serious level her crimes cut to the basic confidence that the citizens of this country have in fair governance. Lerner took it upon herself to target political opponents with whom she disagreed with. She sought to influence multiple elections by obstruction of the process which conservative and pro Israel groups applications thereby depriving them of the right to politically organize. When caught she could have offered a defense but ineptly attempted to invoke her fifth amendment rights and the games with the emails are obstruction of justice.

There was a time when lefties understood abuse of power. They railed about literacy tests and poll taxes as efforts to suppress the Black vote. Lerner behaved in the same manner as those good old boys trying to keep Blacks from voting. This type of behavior by Federal officials seeking to inhibit the ability of protected political organization goes to the heart of our nation. The action s of Lerner exceed anything imagined by Nixon in Watergate.

While Dahmer killed plenty of people, he did not erode the foundation of our government. When I appear before the government many of us have our faith in the ability of the government to treat people fairly and follow rules tested. Given the size and magnitude of this scandal many of us should have serious concerns about the integrity of governmental agencies. The scandals at the IRS are so severe as to warrant a house cleaning. Anyone above Lerner in the chain of command should be forced to retire. Retirement packages should be planned at the IRS.

Lerner should be prosecuted after her savior leaves office. This way the savior can not reward his assassin with a presidential pardon Lerner should be charged with her crimes as soon as Obama leaves office.

Hundreds of civil lawsuits should keep her occupied for the remainder of her days. Of course she can spare us the trouble and emigrate. North Korea looks great.....


Michael said...

So you're saying that whatever Lerner did is worse than the crimes committed by Jeffrey Dahmer?

You are batshit insane, my friend.

Mike's America said...

How much is her pension worth?

Surely she can find some left wing nut factory to give her a job.

Elroy would hire her.

Anonymous said...

Yup, she's a 'victim' just like the other 170 million victims that voted for the biggest victim if all- Thus human should study Japanese culture concerning bushido.. That way we would ALL be rid of her goldbricking ass!! If she's a victim, I'm Mary Tyler Moore!