Thursday, March 19, 2015

How Dare You Joooos Act In Your Own Interest

I have great issue with a President blatantly interfering in an election in a country that has a history of
fair elections. This is a disgusting habit that is almost always violated by the left with regularity. The antics of the Soros NGOs are direct violations of private individuals interfering in US foreign policy.

The Obamunist NYT talking about race baiting campaigns is quite funny. Will the newspaper that remained silent while Obama inserted himself front and center in every racial tiff look in the mirror. How many times has Al Sharpton been to the Whitehouse? How often do the nuts at the NAACP invoke slavery and lynching against Republicans frivolously. Then there are the Henny Penny folks at
The SPLC who see Nazis and the KKK in the same manner Elmer Fudd sees rabbits. They do not see or comment about the plethora of incedents of Jew hatred in universities or left wing protests. Someone at a TEA party event might have used the N word  at a protest becomes a national story.
Lefties screaming about Jewish cabals in media or banks gets ignored. Drunken frat boys use the N word in a party is national news. Lefties chant kill the pigs multiple times and cops get shot and the media says nothing. The media never reports bigotry or incitement from the left. Where are the NYT articles about harassment of Jews on Universities? They are likely in the same place that the accounts of the Holocaust and Ukranisn Famine are when they occurred.

Obama is now talking about sanctions on Israel. This is cause for a direct response against Obama supporters. Especially quiet is Charles Schumer who has been distancing himself from Obama. There are limits to Presidential authority. There are also serious potential criminal charges ranging from Obamas actions in Office. Every single email from the IRS should be pulled and Lois Lerner should be dragged from courtroom for the rest of her life. A RICO charge is quite appropriate and can go up the food chain.

Point of order for Marxist Poultry. Federal law does not protect one from abusing authority or malfeasence. Lerner as a lawyer is well aware of this and deserves to do hard time.with common criminals. If she turns on Obama the sentence can be reduced. Criminal charges can commence as soon as Obama leaves office. A lifetime spent in court on RICO charges will be the legacy of the incompetent one.


BB-Idaho said...

In addition to your perceptions of Ms. Lerner, we note that Lois
Lerner has also been egregiously
attacked personally via e-mail by
those of your ilk. Lois Lerner
"has been the victim of hate-mail and death threats, specifically citing verbal attacks using the anti-Semitic epithet “dirty Jew.”
You proud of that?

Ducky's here said...

Why don't you explain what crimes Lerner committed. You're clearly obsessed by some irrational idea that it is felonious to exercise the legal authority of the IRS to determine if groups qualify for tax exempt status.
Stop being foolish.

Then you can explain this obsession you have about Jews being harassed at universities. Pure paranoia.

How many times did Sharpton visit the White House and where do you get your figure, Pam Geller?

As for calling for cops to be shot, did you read about that little Giuliani loving puke, James O'Keefe trying to get a crowd to chant that in a false flag operation? Disgusting.

Anyway, your rant is absolutely incoherent. Say "Hi" to Rudy and Pam for me.

beakerkin said...

I don't condone threats of violence. However Lerner deserves all forms of verbal abuse for her actions. The Jewish card doesn't apply to a person who targeted pro Israel groups on behalf
Of an anti Israel President who has issues with genuine Jews.

beakerkin said...

There are ample stories about Jews being harassed at universities. If you as a communist want to perform some sort of denial it is to be expected.

Are you denying Obama has met with Al Sharpton multiple times?

As for Lerner her crimes are so severe she should be looking at decades of jail time and forfeiting her pension.

You are tough on Cops for imaginary abuse of power but on a civil servant maliciously abusing her authority for partisan purposes you agree you do a 180. Lerner deserves to be in jail for the rest of her life.

BB-Idaho said...

RE: 'The Jewish card doesn't apply to a person who targeted pro Israel groups on behalf
Of an anti Israel President who has issues with genuine Jews'.
?? There's a Jewish card? Who
decides to apply it? List targeted pro Israel groups, please. I'm betting you didn'twhine when a former administration did worse.

Ducky's here said...

Typical Bah reply. No specifics, just a wild eyed rant.

1. Give some specifics about this so called shakedown of Jews by the university system.

2. I have no idea how many times, if any, Sharpton met with Obama and neither do you.

3. What crime did Lerner commit? As I said, examining organizations to determine if they are eligible for tax exempt status is a legal function of the IRS.

This absolute obsession you have even to advocating antisemitic slurs and life imprisonment (no death penalty?) is really disgusting and makes you look the fool.

Not a good state of mind, Beak. Seek counseling.

Mike's America said...

Dicky asked "Why don't you explain what crimes Lerner committed"

You can't be THAT misinformed can you?