Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Doesn't take much for family fun

On my way through a Walmart I picked up a small lawn troll set. I intended to bring it to the office to live out my fantasy of creating a Chia lawn with doll house chairs in my office. My daughter fancied the set and we will be creating something together. Yes it will be tacky, but it is fun that we can share together. I will go to the hardware store and look for some peat moss and small flowers.

Who knew an after thought would create family fun.

Someday I still want to create a bonsai lawn with a lounge chair and in size NY Post and Diet Mountain Dew six pack. My creation will be called beakerkin's retirement fantasy. Perhaps a small radio would be there. An old tape of classic Paul Harvey bits and Oldies music should be in the work of art.

1 comment:

Duckys here said...

A Chia lawn in your office?

When it's pointed out that it doesn't exactly maximize customer confidence you'll probably scream work place bullying.